Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jonas Brothers launch their new book "Burning Up: On Tour With The Jonas Brothers."

The day after the American Music Awards, the Jonas Brothers had no time to rest as they did a spot on Jay Leno then had to attend their book launch for their upcoming tour memoir "Burning Up: On Tour with The Jonas Brothers."

In a special private book launch in West Hollywood, CA the Jonas Brothers along with special guests were treated to various life size photographs from the Jonas Brothers' tour.

According to the Disney Book Group, "This is the first and only book written by Kevin, Joe, and Nick. You'll get a first hand view of their life behind-the-scenes and on stage performing for fans around the world. The book includes 200 never-before-seen amazing photos with detailed descriptions by the brothers themselves--making this the ultimate backstage pass to life on the road with the Jonas Brothers."

For us photographers, it was originally a negative start to the book launch event as we were subjected to being told to leave the red carpet area and just take pictures of the guests and the Jonas Brothers coming out of their car. Some of us protested as we said, "We do not take pap style photos. Don't you want us to cover the event with the backdrop of Disney Book step and repeat area?"

Finally, the publicist found us a makeshift spot to take photos of the Jonas Bros and guests in front of a wall that had the front cover of the book displayed.

Jordan Sparks poses next to the cover shot of the JoBros new book.

Thanks to the publicist for finally finding a resolution to us carpet-less photographers. But then we were subjected to security attitude as one security took his post so seriously that he acted like a police officer asking one photographer to stay in one certain area. Unfortunately, for my colleague as he listened to the security guard's assault of words, he just stared at the guard then turned away but this guard just kept staring at my photog colleague. I finally told my colleague to say to the security guard, "I understand." That finally made the security guard leave back to his position. Hmmm sometimes these security guards had such bad attitudes that it makes us legitimate photographers not want to do our jobs.

Oh well, we got over it as the rent-a-cop had went back to his position. Funny thing though, I saw that particular rent-a-cop at another red carpet event and still had that nasty attitude.

We as photogs respect security when they respect us.

Anyways, back to the book launch. It was a bit nice to see that the Jonas Bros seems humble. They actually took time to pose for us photogs. Guests included Maurice Bernard and Nancy Lee Grahn of "General Hospital," Madison Pettis, Jordan Sparks, Meghan Martin and Roshon Fegan.

I was privy to actually attend the book launch and not just cover the red carpet. My good friend Becky had me accompany her into the party. With the Jonas Bros not being of age, the bar had a special drink mix called the Jonas Brothers Drink. From what I could remember the bartender said it was a mix of fruit juices. I ended opting to add some vodka to it.

The food spread was great with finger licking bbq chicken, two types of pasta, pizza, chilli and mashed potatoes. Along with the main entree, we had appetizers of shrimp cocktail and pigs in a blanket.

Joe Jonas spots my camera as the Nick and Kevin look the other way.

To top it off was a dessert bar of ice cream. I think I saw Joe Jonas stick with vanilla bean. The funniest thing was my friend was asking for off the wall things/souvenirs from the Jonas Bros to give to her friend's daughter. The most craziest thing was Becky taking a brownie and asking Joe to put a thumbprint on the brownie. He kind of looked at her like she was a bit crazy.

As she did that Nancy Lee Grahn of "General Hospital" passed by me and I commented on her raspberry colored martini. I was a bit surprised as she smiled and said, "Would you like to taste?" I graciously said, "No. I just had a Jonas Bros drink." Nancy quipped back at me, "Oh then you need this." I said, "Oh no, really I don't. I had the bartender add vodka to the Jonas drink."

Disney publicists were taking polaroid shots of guests and tacking them up to a wall. There was also another wall in which guests could write a note to the JoBros.

Madison Pettis is all excited for the JoBros book.

As the party began to wind down, the JoBros made their way to the string quartet to listen to them play. It was a bit cute as Joe also acted like a conductor to the quartet for one song.

It was finally time to go as we were given a gift bag containing the new book and cd from the Jonas Brothers. Unfortunately, I didn't take a pic with the bros as I didn't want to seem like a crazy middle aged man acting like a fan.

Jonas Brothers with Jordan Sparks.

Until next time, "Over The Shoulder!"

All photos by me, Peter Gonzaga. All rights reserved

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