Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Britney Spears remixed on America's Best Dance Crew

This past Tuesday, Britney Spears got remixed by the competing crews on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

For the crews a few had some slight challenges. From guys having to be feminine and women having to show their masculine side. This week's challenge of each crew taking a song of Britney Spears and making it their own will be visual delight for all the Britney Spears fans. We caught up with a few of the crews before the show taped and here's what they had to say.

Dynamic Edition works with wigs.

Fly Khicks ready to shimmy it Britney Style

Team Millennia ready to blow out their choreo with Britney

Strikers All Stars making an illusion with Britney

Don't forget to check out the show this coming Thursday, January 2, 2009 at 10pm e/p.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Box Cuttuhz cut from ABDC Season 3

Yesterday, The Box Cuttuhz was the second crew to be eliminated from America's Best Dance Crew. It was the two most "choreo" teams left in the bottom two, Team Millennia and the Box Cuttuhz.

Unfortunately for the Box Cuttuhz, they were cut short with Team Millennia topping on the Box. Internet chats online had the Box Cuttuhz on top. I guess Team Millennia had a stronger support that kept voting for their team.

Well, my video crew of Ellen Kim and Kyle Hanagami were able to get a few last words from both crews after the Box Cuttuhz were eliminated.

Here's Box Cuttuhz farewell to their fans

Lydia Paek sings a song to her fans from the set of America's Best Dance Crew

Lydia Paek of Box Cuttuhz sings her last goodbye on ABDC Season 3 MTV from Pacific Rim Video Press on Vimeo.

Team Millennia reacts to keeping alive on ABDC

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Adrienne Janic Overhaulin to Hot Import Nights

Instead of finding Adrienne Janic on the red carpet during the holiday season, I bumped into Ms. Janic in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles. She took a quick moment to talk to me about her life after "Overhaulin."

Best known for her hosting gig on TLC's "Overhaulin'" Adrienne Janic has moved from the daylight to the night life of the Speed Channel's "Hot Import Nights." This show takes Adrienne Janic to various spots in the U.S. where she checks out the various car scenes in the area. From Minneapolis to Hawaii, Adrienne has found that each city has its own car culture.

In this three part interview posted below, Adrienne talks about the show, her muscle of building her own car and her acting career!

Check it out.

Adrienne on girls who work on cars and drift car racing

Adrienne on building her own car

"Hot Import Nights" has been running on the Speed Channel. For air dates, check out

Photos by ©Sthanlee B. Mirador/Pacific Rim Photo Press.
Interview by Peter Gonzaga.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flexin and Cloggin adds to the entertainment of ABDC Season 3

Tonight was the premiere of MTV's "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew - Season 3." Randy Jackson's interview last October was not a lie, entertainment is taking the forefront with the premiere of the show.

For those of you who were hoping to get to know all the crews will be disappointed as one crew was sent home packing in this episode.

First off, judge J.C. Chasez was absent for the first episode. However, stepping in was Season 1 Winning crew member Rynan "Kid Rainen" Paguio of the Jabbawockeez. Great to see that the guest judge was a former contestant. It took a while before Rynan warmed up to his judging duties but by the end of the show, Kid was able to exude a lot of suggestions.

Lil Mama was all cutesy with her usual interesting outfits.

As for Mr. Shane Sparks, I think he was a bit mesmerized by the Miami Crew, "The Fly Khicks."

Here's a quick breakdown of what the judges had to say about the Season 3 crews after their performance:

The Strikers - Stepping Crew
Shane said that they were tight. Foot work will keep them in. They should also work in the stomps where the audience can hear it.
Rainen said they had so much energy.
My opinion: I ddint' feel the energy. Maybe I'm just used to watching step crews where you can hear the stomps and the chants.

Beat Freaks - The All B-Girl Group from LA
Lil Mama said that the girls have set the tone for tonight.
Rainen says that the other crews will have to step up their esp with the performance given by the Beat Freaks.
Shane says the Laides Can Take It.
My opinion: These girls definitely have a chance of being ABDC champs. They can go head to head with any b-boy group.

GOP - hip hop group from Puerto Rico. Salsa, Reggaeton all mixed up.
Rainen says they stepped it up. Bring in the original flavor and style. He enjoyed the suicide flip. Definitely performers. Just clean u a little bit.
Lil Mama - says that these Latin boys didn't excite her and didn't bring it.
Shane says to play to the ladies. He was a bit skeptical.
My opinion: I hoping more from these boys. The salsa didn't have fuego I was hoping for. Un

Quest - A group of dancers bringing it all together.
Lil Mama - Amazing. They give theater dance and their characters were incredible. A class act. An amazing set. Compliment you that you were the first crew to use the whole stage. Ryan came and did a back flip and landed on your head. You gave us theater.
Rainen - One of most illest performance. Amazing and on point. D-Trix ripped it.
Shane - The Battle is On! This is going to be the sickest season. Quest just represented.
My opinion: I was like Whoa! Ouch! Ryan

Fly Khicks - hot girls who know how to dance from Miami
Lil Mama - I liked it and liked the body waves. Sexy! Love the glides.
Shane - looks good and they can dance. Mixing a lot of elements shows that they represents dancers. Loved the butt action. Wants to see them in more than two episodes.
Rainen - loved it but needs more foundation in their dance.
My opinion - hmmm..if the booty bounce works the go for it..But I think these girls have some tricks up their sneakers. Shane Shane Shane loved the booty bounce.

Ringmasters - Flexing Crew from Brooklyn.
Rainen - they came from the mecca of hip hop and brought something new to the ABDC stage with their flexing movements. Bone breaking!
Shane - So crazy and ironic. They just killed it
Lil Mama - I feel like crying. Definitely representing Brooklyn. One of the Best Crews. *Mama broke down and started crying. Mentioning she went to school with one of the members.
My opinion: Like Whoa again! If you can't stand a double jointed flexing, turn away. But they are definitely a crew to wreckin with. I dub them "Cirque de Soul Hey!"

Box Cuttuhz - Hip Hop crew from San Diego Ca
Shane - Choreography and movement are in sync. Taking us back to first season. Liked that they got theatrical and acting part of their routine. Use Lydia more since she's the only girl on the crew.
Lil Mama - Very Characteristic but needs to bring more energy to their show. Lydia needs to show us why she's the only girl and chosen for this group.
Rainen - Reppin' my hometown vibe of San Diego. Make sure to secure your props.
My opinion - I'm sorry. I heard so much about this crew that I was disappointed and had to yawn. I was waiting for some excitement.

Dynamic Edition - Cloggin Crew
Lil Mama - Whoever had a stereotype of cloggin will have to pick up their drawers. Definitely wowed me. Took hiphop and made it part of their dance. Formation is clean and tight. So Much character and one of the most different crew on the show. Perfect bow. First group tonight that was different.
Rainen - loved the clean lines. Loved the way they incorporated hiphop to their cloggin. Definitely put a different feel to dance. Need a bit more hip hop vibe and learn other styles.
Shane - Bring up the hip hop more but overall loved it.
My opinion - Way different. I felt like their cloggin with the hip hop feel made it look more steppin and blew The Strikers away. They'll have to add more versatility to their future routines or they'll be booted.

Team Millennia - Group made top 12 of casting special season 2.
Rainen - Dope. Came out different than the live edition. They started rockin out. You guys are still bringing it.
Shane - Representing rock and bringing something different.
Lil Mama - Loved them the last time but this time style change should limit them now that they consider themselves rockers.
My opinion - Gave the rock edge to the show but needs to ensure that they show their versatility.

Unfortunately, there were three bottom crews who had to do a dance battle. The crews included G.O.P, Box Cuttuhz, and Fly Khicks.

The Fly Khicks definitely took this battle for their life to heart which spared them from elimination. I just hope they don't over use the booty shake.

Now finally to the crew that was booted tonight - G.O.P...Boricua Pride was shot down. More power to these boys as they showed so much spirit and drive before the show started. I was a bit surprised myself that the got booted as I was a bit bored with Box Cuttuhz.

Until next week, let's see what the challenges will present them!!!

All Photos by Sthanlee B. Mirador ©Pacific Rim Photo Press

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing the 9 dance crews for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3

Introducing the new crews for MTV's "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew - Season 3." After some quick video editing, I finally have some video clips of all the 9 crews competing for America's Best Dance Crew of Season 3.

With some help from my new video hosts Ellen Kim and Kyle Hanagami of dance crew The Lost Kids, I had them working crazy on making sure to get some video interviews of all the Crews from the Show.

As I mentioned before, this season will definitely be about entertainment and not just dance. Get ready for the new Season and new dance crew stars as MTV launches the show this coming Thursday.

Here are the video clips below of each crew with a quick one or two line description of the crew.

The Ringmasters from Brooklyn - Flex dancing is their style. You definitely have to be double jointed. Imagine Cirque De Soleil on the streets or as I coined the name "Cirque de Soul Hey!!!"

The Strikers All Stars from Tallahassee Florida - Steppin is their style! Get ready to hear the stomp, hoot and hollas.

Fly Khicks from Miami - Hot girls with bootylicious moves. Don't count these women out as they will put their hearts along with their bodies on the line to make it to the top.

Beat Freaks of Los Angeles - On the other end of the spectrum, Beat Freaks are an all girl group that can run with the best b-boys in the world. Their b-girl moves may set the tone for Thursday night's premiere edition of ABDC Season 3

Dynamic Edition from Springville, Alabama - A surprise to the season is this cloggin group. Don't count them out because they may take the show to another level.

GOP from San Juan, PR - Boricua, Moreno. These street boys gives the hip hop flavor some Latin Soul. Can their Latin heat take them to the top. You'll have to wait this coming Thursday.

The Box Cuttuhz from San Diego, CA - The music they use will decide their style. Let's see if America decides that their style is number 1.

Quest Dance Crew from Los Angeles - These boys are pretty b-boys. Don't let the hair and pretty boy looks fool you as they make their mark on the ABDC stage.

Team Millennia from Fullerton, CA - Their rage is their power as they cut the stage with their rock edge inspired hip hop choreography. They take their grit to show the rest of the crews that they are here to fight for their banner.

There you have. The crews of Season 3's "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew."

Check out the premiere airing on MTV this coming Thursday, January 15, 2009. Check your tv listings for times and re-run dates!

Quest Dance crew sets the tone for friendly competition on ABDC Season 3

Last night was the first taping of the highly successful MTV reality show "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew" Season 3. I was there along with my new guest video hosts Ellen Kim and Kyle Hanagami of The Lost Kids helping out Pacific Rim Video to capture the excitement of Season 3.

During our pre-show interview of the crews inside the garage, the following clip Dominic of Quest Dance Crew shows the love for various dance crews on ABDC Season 3!

From the crew of Puerto Rico to the cloggers of Alabama and the excitingly and interesting dance genre called flexing, it sure looks like this season is definitely about entertainment.

Until next post, "look over your shoulder" for the crews of America's Best Dance Crew Season 3.

The show premieres this coming Thursday on the MTV Network. Check your local listing for airtimes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Case of Benjamin Nuthin at the Golden Globes

It was a long day as I started my Golden Globe photo coverage at 11:30am and topping it off by partying with the likes of the Entourage and Trueblood Crew at the HBO After Party. The only thing that bummed me out was that "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" became the "Curious Case of Benjamin Nuthin'" at the Golden Globes.

Actually my day started the night before as I readied all my camera equipment to take to the 66th Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca this past Sunday, January 11, 2009. I finally got to the hotel lugging my equipment plus my iMac for my photo editor. Thank goodness for my photo editor or I'd be awake for twenty four hours working on photos.

Well well, the carpet became a traffic jam as my spot was right in front of Access Hollywood crew. I love that show but damn, but I missed a bunch of red carpet shots as the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt were snagged by the show to do interviews then rushed through the next section of the red carpet photographers making them forget to stop in my area.

Angelina takes a few shots with the photographers.

But all in all I was able to get a few shots here and there. Angela was gracious to take a few shots as Brad was being interviewed by the AH crew. During the show as Brad Pitt's name was called out for the nomination of Best Performance by An Actor in Motion Picture - Drama. My heart sank as Mickey Rourke's name was called. Brad became the Curious Case of Benjamin Nuthin'. Along with Best Original score, Benjamin Button scored "nuthin" while "Slumdog Millionaire" won the pick for that category.

However, the press room crowd hooted and hollered for Mickey. I guess he is the comeback kid of 2008. I shouldn't knock him since I didn't watch the movie. After conferring with my feature writer, she said that Rourke definitely deserved it. He was so good that he got lost into his role to the point that one didn't think it was Mickey Rourke playing a wrestler but an actual wrestler in "The Wrestler."

Mickey Rourke wins for Best Actor while Bruce Springsteen holds his Globe for Best Original Song -Motion Picture.

An interesting moment with Sigourney Weaver in the press room. As she began to leave after taking photos, I quipped, "How was the Adirondacks?" She replied back with a smile and thumbs up, "Very cold!" For some odd reason I got some cold stares from a few peeps. Hmmm, were they jealous that I had some information that I was privvy to in order to make small talk. Who knows? I just took what I remembered she said what she would be doing during the holidays while doing a press junket for "The Tale of Despereaux."

Jennifer Lopez knows how to wear gold!

Well, I think that will be it for my diatribe on the Globes today as I am running on three hours of sleep. I can't even get myself to look over my shoulder.

For more arrival photos go to

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm back after a long holiday and the passing of my father Pedro Gonzaga

It's been a long holiday happy and sad. I had to take a break from all the Hollywood Hoopla as my father Pedro Gonzaga passed on December 17. I'm back with upcoming red carpet coverages from the Palm Spring Film Festival to the Golden Globes.

Ramping back up also is "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew - Season 3" Here's a quick video clip of Randy talking about what to expect for Season 3.

As a tribute to my father, I also want to share a dance my niece Merielle did called the prayer during my father's memorial/burial.

Feel free to visit my father, Pedro Gonzaga's tribute page I created at

Leonardo and Kate reunite on their way to "Revolutionary Road"

This past holiday season on December 16, 2008. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet came together for the premiere of "Revolutionary Road" at the Mann's Westwood Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

As usual, Mr. DiCaprio was one of the most accommodating celebrity on the carpet panning left and right to ensure the photographers had their chance to capture his essence on the carpet.

Kate Winslet was no exception posing for the cameras. She looked amused at all the shouting and requests for solo and over the shoulder shots.

Here's a quick b-roll shot of the premiere that includes a surprise carpet appearance of Russell Crowe.

Friday, January 2, 2009

What drinking too much Pepsi does to a 4yr old

Here's a funny vid of my 4yr old nephew slamming a Pepsi..see what happens after...!