Saturday, November 22, 2008

Justin Chon breaks stereotypes with his role in "Twilight"

In a recent interview I did with Justin Chon, he feels that he's helping break stereotypes of Americans of Asian decent in Hollywood. Apparently, his role as Eric Yorkie in "Twilight" supposedly was an Anglo but the casting directors took a gamble and gave him the part.

Justin Chon signing autographs at the Twilight Premiere in the Westwood area of Los Angeles.

I also asked Chon if there's a possibility that there is some type of glass ceiling for Asians. Justin responded that there is some to a degree but change is coming. Hopefully, there comes a point in Hollywood, where a role a person receives is based upon their ability to play that part instead of defaulting to race.

Check out my interview with Justin Chon at the KoreAM Unforgettable event that celebrates Korean Americans in the U.S.

Photo by Pacific Rim Video Press

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