Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shane Sparks showing the sparks for ABDC Season 3

Shane Sparks is sparking it on with what to expect in Season 3. From the Fanny Paks to the Super Cr3ws, Season 2 has definitely brought on more crews to audition for Season 3.

Take a quick look at what Shane had to say about the upcoming season.

Also, we have a group out from San Jose, CA who auditioned in Los Angeles for Season 3. The Head Hunters are hoping that they can honor one of the members' sister, Ruby Lynn, who passed away not long ago. Much respect for the Head Hunters. However, honoring the death of a loved one is not the only thing that brings a crew to the actual show. HH must prove to the talent scout and judges that they should be one of the nine crews to battle on the show itself.

For the Head Hunters, drama has already erupted on Pacific Rim Photo Press' youtube channel as one posting has already accused the crew of using a "sob story" to try and get past the auditions to land a spot on the show. We'll have to see in January when the show premieres.

Here's a clip of our interview with the Head Hunters before their audition.

From our friends at Blogging America's Best Dance Crew, a clip of the Head Hunters' audition. You be the judge if they have what it takes to get past the audition phase.

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