Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Entertainment Industry Also Touched by the Mortgage Loan Meltdown - Parman Law Group helps with a Second Chance

As the mortgage loan industry meltdown affects many Americans, people working in the entertainment industry are facing the same situations as the every day Joe out there. From photographers to writers, some have given up their luxuries such as boats, vacation homes etc.

However, it doesn't have to be that way as reputable law firms and modification companies such as Parman Law Group have become the knight in shining armor for anyone needing loan modification help. From Laguna Beach to Malibu, the slowed economy has made some entertainment industry individuals seek a loan modification.

Since, I'm based out in Southern California, I've found the Parman Law Group as a firm that has assisted its clients in obtaining their loan modifications. Parman Law Group has taken a step further as they have been assisting homeowners who have been jilted by their previous loan modification company by helping them obtain refunds from their previous loan modification firms.

As California State Attorney Jerry Brown plans to announce this coming Wednesday, July 15, 2009 along with the Federal Trade Commission, efforts to crack down on mortgage-related scams called "Operation Loan Lies," Parman Law Group has already been assisting homeowners who have requested their help in going after the homeowner's unscrupulous loan modification firms. Parman has been successful in the last 2 months in obtaining cumulative refunds of approximately $50,000. Parman's clients have often also obtained the highly-prized modification they sought after in the first place which included reduced monthly payments, interest rates and occasionally even principal reduction. This illustrates how Parman Law Group has been able to give a second chance to the homeowner seeking a loan modification.

Parman Law Group has become the shining light in this otherwise dark cloud of the mortgage industry mess.

If you have property in California, check out Parman Law Group. For more information, visit their website at www.parmanlawgroup.com

For Spanish Speakers out there, check out Parman Law Group's Spanish speaking clients' testimonials.

Blog Disclaimer: The information I have provided above is of the opinion of this blogger. It is deemed only for informational purposes and does not constitute a financial advisor/attorney - client relationship. Nothing contained in this blog shall be construed to be a guarantee or prediction of a result.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gavin Rosssdale Walks With Sally

Last night in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles, Gavin Rossdale illustrated his philanthropic duties by performing for a non-profit organization called Walk With Sally. Walk With Sally is an organization that provides healing and comfort to children dealing with the emotional experience of living with or losing a parent to cancer. Founder Nick Arquette lost his mother to breast cancer when he was a young teen. Nick wanted to create a group that provides an emotionally safe environment for children to share their difficult experience with someone who has suffered the same or has been in their own shoes.

Gavin Rossdale strumming the guitar at the White Light White Night event benefitting Walk With Sally. The event took place at South Bay BMW in Torrance, CA.

Nick's organization has been able to raise money through this one night affair dubbed White Light White Night. For Rossdale, he lent his artistic chops to help raise money for the benefit. Guest who donated or purchased special tickets also were treated to a meet and greet with Gavin which they took photos with him and spoke to Gavin briefly.

Rossdale, was able to get the crowd going as he opened his act with Chemicals Between Us. However, it was a bit hard to enjoy as his mic's volume seemed to be pushed lower than the band's instrument. The great music made up for it. Check out this clip of Chemicals Between Us.

Friday, July 10, 2009

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