Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Tween Screams of Girls for the Cast of Twilight at the Movie Premiere in Los Angeles

If you're not used to screaming girls (I mean who is?), then the Twilight Premiere in the Westwood area of Los Angeles would not be your favorite place. With over two thousand movie goer plus the fans lining the street was a crazy scene for a premiere.

This is one of the loudest premiere events I have been to except for any of the "Pirates" premiere. After camping out for two days, many fans were yelling and screaming throughout the day at the Mann's Village and Bruin Theaters in Westwood Village. One fan said she had camped out for two days just to be in the front row of the fan line.

Twilight fever has definitely taken over the U.S. from people wanting to visit the small rural town in Forks, WA to rushing out to the bookstores to purchase the "Twilight" books.

You wonder why is all this craziness is happening. Take a group of Vampires that attend high school with one in particular Edward that sweeps a young beautiful teen Bella off her feet bring romance, passion and the teenage angst with the forbidden love of vampires and mortals in a book that now segues to the big screen. Considered "The Mormon Anne Rice," Stephenie Meyer has brought all that together while keeping a moral ground.

I guess many of these girls want to be Bella. Even a young preteen girl asked Robert Pattinton who plays Edward to bite her on her neck.

Check out the video collage from the red carpet premiere of "Twilight." Plus the trailer of the film.

Twilight Trailer

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