Monday, June 30, 2008

Brenda Fraser digs a hole in Westwood

As the Los Angeles Film Festival wind downs its event, the festival hosted a family day at UCLA'S Westwood Village. At the same time Brendan Fraser, Anitia Briem and Josh Hutcherson dug their heels into the red carpet for the 3D World Premiere of "Journey To The Center of The Earth." In this remake of the classic "Journey To The Center of The Earth," Fraser plays a science professor who's untraditional hypotheses have made him the laughing stock of the academic community. However, during an expedition in Iceland, he and his nephew find a major discovery that launches them on an exciting trip deep beneath the Earth's surface, where they travel through different worlds and non-existent creatures that you don't find on the surface of the earth. As the warm sun heated up the carpet, the talent were trying to find good shade to have their photos taken on the carpet. The general public would wonder why not a picture in the sun. There's more light. For an event photographer, direct sunlight ruins the photos as there are various shadows created on the actor's face. This time, the talent didn't mind taking directions from the event photogs as to exactly where to stand. It also kept them in the cool shade. For Brendan Fraser, he had some fun on the carpet as he took a camera from one of the photogs and aimed it back at us. It wasn't just any ordinary camera as it had a large obnoxious lens that you see photog use to shoot from far away distances. Anita Briem was a total hoot as she showed us her sexy side, her funny side and just plain excitement on the carpet. Josh Hutcherson took everything in stride, but when he saw Brendan on the carpet, his journey at the premiere became a reunion. The film opens up on July 11 at a theater near you with other theaters hosting the film in 3D.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Patricio Ginelsa shoots his win in 72 hours

Asian American wins the Los Angeles Film festival's 72 Hour Film Competition sponsored by CANON.

Last Monday night, at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Asian American director, Patricio Ginelsa won the festival's "72 Hour Film Competition" sponsored by Canon. This competition was a hard one as four memebers of the Film Independent organization which hosts the Los Angeles Film Festival were chosen by random drawing last Wednesday, June 18th to create a short film that would be They were briefed on instructions for the Canon HD Cameras and then set loose on the film festival to make a short film. The short films were then screened on Monday night, June 23rd at the members party held in the Target Red Room. The short films were required to have the theme "Festival Stories" and will be shot entirely in the Westwood area.

Low and behold, Ginelsa came out on top as the winner of this event. His film titled, "Being Reel" is about scriptwriter Justin and his director friend, Ritchie, who are talking about their experience at the various screenings they have been to. During that time, Justin may have found the girl of his dreams at the festival because she has been attending all the same screenings as he is. The pragmatic Ritchie, shoots him down saying this girl can't be hot..

For Ginelsa, he states that " It was an emotional rollercoaster ride and even made more difficult because I was sick, had a sore
throat, lost my voice, and had to shoot in the middle of a summer heat wave. I went through a personal depression 2 years ago after a community controversy and then went through a creative dryspell I felt I could never recover from. This competition has rejuvenated me like nothing before! And the fact that I wrote a script in just 5 hours (when I couldnt write in 5 years) and
then WIN (even though i wasnt 100 precent healthy) has inspired me heavily.

"Being Reel" stars Phillip Jeanmarie, Bambu (formerly of the Native Guns), Kristine Sabella, Cyndee San Luis, and Mia Guzman.

Check out "Being Reel"

Being Reel - Patricio Ginelsa from fatfreefilm on Vimeo.

You can catch all the drama from each day's shoot with the director's video blogs at:

Or catch them in order here:

Ginelsa is known for his films Lumpia, The Debut and also directed videos of APL.DE.AP of the Black Eyed Peas. Glad to have you back Patricio.

Friday, June 20, 2008

James McAvoy is Wanted at the Los Angeles Film Festival

This year's Los Angeles Film Festival kicked off it's opening night with the World Premiere of "Wanted" starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie. 

Unfortunately, Angelina did not make it to the premiere as she readies herself for the birth of her twin babies. Event photographers anxiously awaited the arrival of the newlywed couple of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carrey. Hmm, was there a misprint in the "Tip Sheet." Half way through the event, photogs began asking if the couple were coming. One publicist gave a quick laugh with out saying yes or no. We already knew what that meant. No Mariah.

Garcelle Beauvais is bring her body back after having a baby.

As for the festival itself, this year's theme is dubbed "The Audience Is King" with quite a few screening that will be free to the public. 

Kristen Hager knows how to work the shoes. Hmm I think the were Jimmy Chu. 

Speaking of Jimmy Chu, I just got home from the red carpet of the Daytime Emmy Awards and most of the stars were wearing Jimmy Chu but that's another post.

An interesting international showcase is "The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela" by director/write Olaf De Fleur Johannesson. Raquela is a Filipina transexual sex worker longing for romance and a better life with trying to keep her humanity intact.

If you're in Los  Angeles, head out the film festival which is being hosted at UCLA's Westwood Village. A great convenience of the festival is that there are shuttles to take you from one screening venue to another. The festival runs from June 19-29. "Wanted" opens on June 27. 

Lori Petty of Tank Girl fame showed up at the premiere of Wanted. She has a film playing in the festival.

Come on Down! You might see me in the photo pen during a premiere.

Not much else happened except that some of the female photogs were commenting on James McAvoy's package. Hello girls, this should be a g-rated premiere and there are kids surrounding the streets of Westwood.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nick Stahl is wheelchair bound

Q&A: Nick Stahl
June 18, 2008

Entertainment News Wire
HOLLYWOOD _ In 1984, at the age of 4, Nick Stahl realized he wanted to act. In 1993, the native Texan got his big break, playing a fatherless boy opposite Mel Gibson in "The Man Without a Face." Another opportunity came in 2003 with the role of John Connor in "Terminator 3: The Rise of The Machines." Following that, Stahl moved to the small screen with a lead role on HBO's "Carnivale."

His latest film is a psychological thriller called "Quid Pro Quo," in which he plays Isaac Knott, a paralyzed public radio reporter who receives a news tip that takes him on a journey into an unusual New York subculture.

Sitting in a comfortable chair in his public relations firm's conference room, Stahl talks about why he chose to do "Quid Pro Quo," his take on "Carnivale" and his future with the "Terminator" franchise.

Q: Tell me more about Isaac Knott. What drew you to work on this film?

A: I just thought it was really unusual and unique, and I'd never read anything like it. The character was very complex, and it just looked like a real challenge as an actor to take on. It's such a unique story with a lot of plot twists, and the dialogue was great.

Q: Did you go through any process of dealing with the character's physical disabilities?

A: Yeah. I went around New York in the wheelchair and tried to manage that and to get comfortable with that so I would look like I knew what I was doing and not have to think about it. That was something concrete to focus on _ the physicality of it.

Q: Just being in New York must be hard for a physically disabled person. Was it really hard to be in a wheelchair?

A: Yeah, it's very hard. It's harder than what I had imagined. First of all, you don't realize that the city is on a slant, so your arms are pretty much dead when you get to the end of a certain block. And going uphill and curves are a challenge. I only had two weeks to do as much as I could with the wheelchair.

Q: With your character trying to figure out why another character wants to be disabled _ what is called a "wannabe" _ didn't that make you wonder why someone would want to be that way?

A: Sure. Psychological disorders. It's very real. I saw a documentary about "wannabes," people who want to be amputees or paralyzed. It's a very real subculture of people, and I think it just kind of falls in line with sort of odd psychological disorders that are different from everyone.

Q: Do you think Isaac had some psychological disabilities?

A: Of course. I think the whole idea of being paralyzed is a great metaphor for trauma and psychological trauma that you suffer at a younger age. I think most people I've met have that to some degree. Life is suffering. Dramatic events happen to you as a kid and it stays with you.

Q: How was it for you, going from kid actor to adult actor and taking on all these serious roles?

A: It's something that I feel lucky that I'm getting better at. I really do feel that with each project I do, I get more dedicated to acting. I feel that I learn things from every film that I do. People ask me a lot, "Why do you do a lot of dark-themed films and heavy drama?" The truth is, these were the films that were available to me, and when someone sees you doing darker movies, those are the movies that come your way. I would love to do a variety of things. I would love to do comedy, more commercial movies, and I think I will.

Q: Has anything come up in line with the "Terminator" franchise?

A: No. No. They're doing a fourth one. They're sort of retooling the franchise so John Connor is older, and there is a new director, so I think they are reconceptualizing it.

Q: Do you keep in contact with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

A: Ha. No. We don't text message or anything.

Q: Why do you think "Carnivale" ended?

A: It ended because there weren't enough people watching it. It's pretty simple and comes down to not enough people watching versus the amount of money they spend on each episode. I would say more people come up to me about that than anything else. It was on a premium channel, which narrowed the field of viewers off the bat. It never had the numbers that they wanted. But the fans that it had were very hard-core and loyal fans that loved it. It kept us going for two seasons.

Q: You mentioned you wanted to do more comedy _ slapstick or verbal jokes?

A: "Three's Company: The Movie."

Q: Playing Jack?

A: Chrissy.

Q: I see the resemblance.

A: Ha. Ha. Mr. Furley. I like all kinds of comedies. I would say I am more attracted to the quirky type of stuff like Wes Anderson-type movies or Tim Burton things. Coen Brothers I love. Sort of the more absurdist type of things. I'm a pretty tough critic on movies in general. I like seeing all kinds of movies and usually there are redeeming qualities in every movie. But I don't know. There are some comedies that are just intolerable and that are so stupid that I can't drag myself to sit through. So I don't see myself in slapstick stuff at all. I don't think anyone else would see me in that.

Living La Dolce Vita!!!

It's very rare that I have an evening free to enjoy an event or a movie screening with all the movie premieres and celebrity events that for one night in the crazy world of Los Angeles and Hollywood happenings, I was invited to attend the La Dolce Vita event hosted by world class hotelier Starwood Hotels. The Wattles Mansion Italian Garden. This nice summer soiree was held at the Wattles Mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Having my good friends in tow, we decided to park my car instead of utilizing the valet. As we walked into the Wattle Mansion, we were greeted by the wonderful people of Burditch Marketing Communcations. After the brief informalities of checking in, we already had appetizers galore within reach. From the likes of lobster and cucumbers to prisciutto and an abundance of Italian cheeses. To clear our palates, we enjoyed the taste of various red and white wines. Once we filled up on appetizers, the hosts of the evening, informed us of all the great upgrades and new endeavors that Starwood Hotels has been working on in Italy and the Mediterranean. One standout news item that was announced by Starwood was the "Beat The Dollar with a Cool 20% Off From Starwood Italy" campaign. For a limited time Starwood Italy is offering special rates to its grand destinations of Italy when you book online. American guests will receive a 20% discount on room rates including 20% off found and beverages at the following hotels and resorts: • ROME: St. Regis Grand; The Westin Excelsior Rome; Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center and Hotel Eden (not offering 20% off food and beverage; room only) • VENICE: Hotel Danieli; Hotel Gritti Palace; The Westin Europe & Regina; The Westin Excelsior Resort, Venice Lido; Hotel Des Bains, and Venice Lido Resort • MILAN: The Westin Palace; Sheraton Diana Majestic, and Le Méridian Gallia • ASOLO: Hotel Villa Cipriani • FLORENCE: Westin Excelsior Florence, and The Grand Hotel • SARDINIA: Hotel Pitrizza, Hotel Cala di Volpe, Cervo Hotel, and Hotel Romazzino This online offer is valid for bookings made from now until July 31, 2008 with reservations up until October 31, 2008. Potential guests must visit and book through the website. Payment for reservations will be charged at time of booking. All reservations are non-changeable and non-refundable. Additional terms and conditions may apply. The Westin Excelsior Rome. After all wonderful news, we were ushered into the main grounds of the Mansion for some scumptious meal of various pasta dishes, fish entrees and a wonderful succulent rack of lamb. Image sitting in under stars feasting on Italian cuisine in front of the Wattles Mansion. Along the way I met a wonderful new friend named Fritz and Mateo. They both made the event more enjoyable as we laughed and drank vino. I topped off my dinner with a dessert cup made of milk chocolate filled with a cappuccino flavored cake and whip topping. Thank god I didn't have to take any photos or lose my voice with the shouts of "To Your Left or To Your Right. Over The Shoulder! Please!" I guess since I'm not going to make it to Italy this summer that this was the next best thing to it. La Dolce Vita!!! More about Starwood Hotels & Worldwide from their press info: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. is one of the leading hotel and leisure companies in the world with approximately 900 properties in more than 100 countries and 153,000 employees at its owned and managed properties. Starwood® Hotels is a fully integrated owner, operator and franchisor of hotels and resorts with the following renowned brands: St. Regis®, the Luxury Collection®, Sheraton®, Westin®, Four Points® by Sheraton, W®, Le Méridien® and the recently announced aloftSM and ELEMENTSM Hotels. Starwood Hotels also owns Starwood Vacation Ownership, Inc., one of the premier developers and operators of high quality vacation interval ownership resorts.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

KAOS on the Red Carpet

Oh No! The Kaos enemies have taken over UCLA'S Westwood Village taking event photographers and video crews hostage. Oh me on my! How can this be. No worries everyone as Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 and the whole U.S. Control spy agencies clears out the carpet for the celebrities this past Monday, June 16, 2008.

Warner Bros Entertainment along with Visa hosted the World Premiere of the movie adaptation of "Get Smart" starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson and Alan Arkin. Proceeds from this special premiere went to the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Adam Arkin and Alan Arkin.

In this screen adaptation of the television series, Maxwell Smart is on a mission to squash the latest plot of the evil crime syndicate KAOS to take over the world.

Ken Davitian heads up the KAOS crime syndicate.

Due to an attack on the headquarters of the U.S. Spy Control center, all the identities of its secret agents have been compromised which leaves the head quarter Chief (Alan Arkin) to promote the bumbling Maxwell Smart from analyst to agent.

Smart is paired up with super agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) instead of his agent idol Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson) as they try to save the world.

As for the red carpet, Anne Hathaway was able to save the world with her sexy gray frilly dress and her lovely almond colored eyes posing for the photographers.

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was able to sweep the carpet clean with his chiseled good looks and the disarming sparkling smile.

For Maxwell Smart, it was a bit harder has he had his wife by his side. Steve Carell was able to cut through the air with each step and repeat until he reached the video crews.

Marlon Brando's son Miko was able to take his Polynesian roots and wipe the KAOS crew clean of their red carpet control.

Miko Brando.

T.R Knight shows up with his boyfriend Mark Cornelsen to help Maxwell Smart fight the world of crime and inequalities. Don't expect T.R. and his partner to tie the knot in California. T.R. mentioned in an interview that its not their time yet.

Giada DeLaurentis changes her Italian Recipe to foil the stomachs of the KAOS crew

Come help Smart and crew foil the world domination plans of KAOS by coming out to a theater near you on June 20, 2008.

Until next time, beware who's looking "Over Your Shoulder."

Photos by Peter Gonzaga
Nielsen Entertainment & Pacific Rim Photo Press

Abigail Breslin is an American Girl

What do you get when you take the hottest young child actress in Hollywood today and a live action movie about the American Girl doll? It's Abigail Breslin as Kit Kittredge in "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl."

Lisa Rinna holds her daughter's American Girl Doll.

This past Saturday, June 14, 2008, The Grove in Los Angeles hosted the World Premiere of Picturehouse's Kit Kittredge: American Girl." Along with Abigail Breslin, the film stars Julia Ormond, Chris O'Donnell (remember him as Robin in Batman), Joan Cusack, Stanley Tucci, and Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith).

It was a weird venue for the premiere of this movie, but I guess since the American Girl store is located at The Grove, what better place to have the premiere. With the cost of $90 a pop, there were young girls galore showing off their American Girl dolls. The special thing about these dolls is that a little girl can chose the color of the hair, eyes, skin tone and whatever else matter to match her looks. I brought my niece with me to the premiere and told her not to ask for a doll. But of course she ends up pleading to get one. Even with her puppy dog eyes and pouting lips I resisted from getting one.

She was upset though which surprised me. I guess when you was searching for a doll that resembled her, she was a bit distraught. Being of mixed race of 1/2 Filipina, 1/4 French and 1/4 Swede or what we American of Filipino descent call mestiza, she couldn't find a doll to call her own. She didn't dwell upon as much as the red carpet started.

Walking the red carpet included some child actors from various tv shows. One that excited the crowd was Selena Gomez.

Known for her character in "Wizards of Waverly Place," Selena put a spell on the crowd as they showed for Selena. I was able to employ my niece, Madison, to scream, "Selena! Over your Shoulder!" Wow it definitely worked better for a 8 year girl to shout it out. Selena gave my niece a big smile and wave then came the "Over The Shoulder Pose." Hmm. Maybe I should bring my niece more often.

Another big crowd please with Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and family. Photogs were guessing if the Smiths would show up or not. I knew better as this is one of the first major role that Will's daughter, Willow, is in.

The Smith Clan.

Willow Smith makes her major acting debut.

Willow is definitely a ham for the camera. A nice girl that loves to pose for the camera. What a natural. I think some celebrities could learn from the young Smith. Mama Smith - Jada Pinkett Smith - knows how to wear jeans. She was looking great and especially when she gave me an over the shoulder pout, it made my day.

Over the Shoulder Jada!

Other guests included Lisa Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin with their children. I wished Harry a Happy Father's day. At first he didn't hear but Lisa tugged on his arm to get his attention as I repeated "Happy Father's Day." Got a little wave from the Mr. Harry.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

Emma Roberts showed up and is definitely growing up to become a beautiful woman. Once she finished the step and repeat for the photogs, she was ready to walk in the theater and skip video interviews. However, that was not to be. As she did her last pose, her publicist or I think manager corralled her to speak to E! She turned her face our way and gave a sigh like something akin to "Oh my gosh! i don't feel like talking." Who could blame her especially since it was a bright warm sunny day.

Mentioning the bright and sunny day, the majority of adult celebs were wearing sunglasses and didn't really want to take them off. One celeb who gave a definite no was Rachel Bilson. With that said, a few photogs quiped amongst each other, "Oh she must of partied too hard last night." I didn't mind since her sunglasses weren't tinted too dark.

Girl! Take off those glasses. Ha Miss Bilson still can show off her smile even without seeing her eyes.

The star of the movie, Miss Abigail Breslin definitely had her work cut out for her from smiling and dealing with the deluge of flashes from the cameras. She's definitely a trouper has she keep her smile warm and charming but you could see it was wearing thin on her.

Well, it's time for me to move on as the heat I'm bearing right now as I type is wearing thin on me. Until next time, "Over The Shoulder!"

For more info on the movie click here ==>"Kit Kittredge."

Photos by Peter Gonzaga.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mike Myers admits to his crush on Justin Timberlake

Myers says about Timberlake: "I do have a man-crush on
him. He's like the most talented human being I've ever met
in my life. And as the most well-endowed player in the
National Hockey League, he's very funny. Justin instantly
nailed the character. He also turns out to have a great
goalie stance."

Timberlake licks his lips and ready for action. ©Peter Gonzaga/Pacific Rim Photo Press.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hollywood Super Hero Costumes and Props on Auction

Just thought I'd pass this along to all you readers:




Proceeds will Benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation


EL SEGUNDO (June 2, 2008) – Hollywood Roadshow, a partnership between Premiere Props and Super Auctions, announced today that they will be auctioning off thousands of one-of-a-kind movie props, including hundreds of super hero costumes from fan favorite movies and many classic movie themed pinball machines and arcade games, as well as this summer’s superhero Edward (“The Hulk”) Norton’s personal collections. The live auction will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 21st and June 22nd at Premiere Props’ warehouse in El Segundo, California (128 Sierra Street, El Segundo, CA 90245). There will be a preview from 9am – 11am, and the auction will begin at 11am.

Ruins costume.

Several hundred items from acclaimed films including “No Country for Old Men,” “Star Wars,” “21 Grams,” ”Armageddon,“ “P.S. I Love You,” “Cloverfield,” “27 Dresses, “ “The Love Guru,” “Resident Evil 3,” “Lords of Dogtown” and Edward (“The Hulk”) Norton’s personal collection of costumes and key props from “Fight Club”, “American History X, ”Keeping the Faith,” "The Painted Veil" and “Down in the Valley” plus his personal awards and autographed glove from world championship boxer Oscar De La Hoya will be up for bid with proceeds to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Additionally, hundreds of movie-themed pinball machines and arcade games including PacMan, Ms. PacMan, Galaga, The Simpson's, Jurassic Park, and many, many more will also be auctioned.

Down In The Valley costume

“We are thrilled to offer movie lovers the chance to bid on items from fan favorite movies this summer,” said Dan Levin, Vice President of Marketing for Premiere Props. “This auction will give fans a chance to own unique super hero costumes and movie memorabilia collectors will be amazed at the selection of props and pinball machines that will be up for bid through Hollywood Roadshow,” said Rob Storment, V.P. Business Development of Super Auctions.

Cloverfield shirt.

Dress worn by Malin Ackerman in "27 Dress."

All items will also be for sale to the general public via and, with the preview beginning June 21st at 9am and the live auction starting at 11am. The charity auction will be available by logging onto

The charity auction will feature movie collectibles and props including:

Edward Norton's personal collection of costumes and key props from “Fight Club”, “American History X”, plus personal awards, and an autographed glove from world championship boxer Oscar De La Hoya
Edward Norton’s gray with blue and red square design "American Eagle" button up bloody shirt and blue "Wrangler" bloody jeans with a blue bandana wrapped around the left leg from “Down in the Valley”
Edward Norton’s white gown with burn marks on the back from “Keeping the Faith”
Edward Norton’s gray-green self-stripe 3 piece suit (no size),blue button up shirt and a red/black design w/ pony tail circular Chinese hat from "The Painted Veil"
Adam Sandler’s (Paul Crewe) hero prison outfit from “Longest Yard”
Detailed ship models used in the making of the cult favorite movie “Event Horizon”
David Beckham's soccer shirt and shorts costume from the movie “Goal 2.” The shirt is marked with his number 23 and features Beckham on the top. Plus, the "Goal 2" Region 2 PAL DVD (*like new condition) with color photo still of Beckham on soccer field and a head shot of Beckham w/ photocopied signature
Justin Timberlake’s (Jacques Grande) screen worn hero costumes and real working 1979 Pontiac TransAm featuring a red rooster on the hood used in “The Love Guru”
Mike Myers’s (Guru Pitka) and Jessica Alba’s (Jane Bullard) hero complete hero costumes and props from “The Love Guru”
Ice T’s (Jack Mason) and Gary Busey’s (Doc Hawkins) severed head. The rubber heads are painted and come with hair from “Surviving the Game”
“Lara Croft Tomb Raider” framed and signed movie poster autographed by Director Simon West (Con Air, The General's Daughter, Black Hawk Down, Let it Ride)
Milla Jovovich’s plastic non-functioning shotgun weapon from “Resident Evil 3”
Michael Stahl-David’s blue with white stripes button up collared with blood stains and holes on the right shoulder "John Varvatos USA" shirt" costume from “Cloverfield”
Odette Yustman’s gold "Alice + Olivia" sleeveless dress, gold and multi clear stone loop earrings and black "Nine West" flats from “Cloverfield”
Katherine Heigl’s fuchsia dress with a light blue ribbon belt with a bow and a flower known as the "Scarlet Fever" dress from “27 Dresses”
Malin Akerman’s cream silk "Temperley" mini dress with embroidered georgette detail, a beige "Roberto Collina" camisole dress slip and black patent leather "Christian Louboutin" open toe wedge shoes from “27 Dresses”
Jonathan Tucker’s light blue cotton w/ 2 breast pockets "Gap" long sleeve button up shirt from “The Ruins”
Laine Liska’s Duros Head from the "Cantina" from “Star Wars”
Indiana Jones Frame- "Indiana Jones" Resolve - Giclee on paper
Jessica Alba’s purple silk "Tree" dress with blue lace trim, burgundy leather Italian "Marc Jacobs" shoes, and a gold necklace with a shoe charm and a circular Bon Voyage charm
Chris Rock’s (The Caretaker's) hero full prison suit from “The Longest Yard”
Carmen Electra’s gold floral print with white lace trim dress with decorative silver colored buttons from “Scary Movie 4”
Oscar® winner Javier Bardem’s dark-blue denim jacket, brown "Anto Beverly Hills" long-sleeve button-up shirt and a pair of black "Wrangler" pants with bloody holes from the Oscar® winner “No Country for Old Men”
Sean Penn’s blue button up collared shirt with dirt stains and grey pants with drops of fake blood which was worn in the key scenes of “21 Grams”
Michael Clarke Duncan’s 30 lb space suit life support pack with a working fan from “Armageddon”
Brad Pitt’s (Bishop) distressed hero jeans from “Spy Game”
Collection of original animation production cells from “The Simpson's Movie”, “Indiana Jones,” “Enchanted,” “Pirates Of The Caribbean” and “Star Wars: Clone Wars”
One-of-a-kind hand painted painting of General Grevoius from “Star Wars: Clone Wars”
Gerard Butler’s blue "Ories Van Noten" v-neck sweater, dirtied distressed blue "Diesel" Kuratt jeans and aged brown leather "Vibram" lace up boots from “P.S. I Love You”
Hillary Swank’s hero costume from “P.S. I Love You”
Eliza Dushku’s bloodied and aged tank top and "Guess" corduroy jeans from “Wrong Turn”
Drew Barrymore’s dark burgundy velvet "John David Ridge" pants and a beige v-neck tank top from “Duplex”
Stacy Peralta’s Graffiti Short Surfboard used on screen as set decoration and features spray painted logos and eventually become the logo for Stacy Peralta's "Bones Brigade" from “Lords of Dogtown”
Kurt Russell’s (Stuntman Mike's) death-proof costume from “Grindhouse”
Flying Dragon Model measuring approximately 20" x 33" x 9"with a gray unpainted solid resin base from “Reign of Fire”
Over 100 classic arcade games such as PacMan, Ms. PacMan, Galaga plus all time favorite arcade pinball machines including The Simpson's, Jurassic Park and the Mocap motion censored virtual Boxing arcade game and many more

Mike Myers shares a Kiss with Romany Malco

Who's your Guru or better yet, who's your Love Guru? Mike Myers, that's who. In his new movie character since Austin Powers, Myers stars as Pitka in his upcoming feature "The Love Guru." Pitka (Mike Myers) is an American who was left at the gates of an ashram in India as a child and raised by gurus. He makes his way back to find fame in the form of the lucrative world of self-help and spirituality seminars and assistance. Craz methods are stretched thin when he must settle a rift between Toronto Maple Leafs star hockey player Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) and his estranged wife. Roanoke's wife starts dating L.A. Kings star Jacques Grande (Justin Timberlake) to spite her husband that causes him to crash and burn professional on the ice while the unfortunate supporters of Roanoke, the teams' owner Jane Bullard (Jessica Alba) and Coach Cherkov (Verne Troyer), watches helplessly. Pitka re-unite the couple to marital nirvana which hopefully brings Roanoke game back on.

On the blue carpet this past Wednesday, June 11, 2008, Mike Myers shows his unique spirituality as he and Romany Malko gives each other kisses on the cheek. Not a bromance but a mutual respect for the nirvana that is achieved on the big screen.

Myers showed his support by running down Hollywood Blvd and giving the majority of his fans a High Five before returning to the blue carpet for his interviews and the "step and repeat" of event photographers. Myers is definitely a delight for red carpet event photographers as he takes his time to make funny faces and pose for the cameras.

For Justin Timberlake, he's nice guy from Tennessee that doesn't like the spotlight on him, but only when he's performing. He did take a moment to pose for the cameras. But that was a quick moment.

I was one of the fortunate few photogs to actually get him to smile into my lens. My feature writer said that sitting right next to him at "The Love Guru" press junket last week, gave her the feeling that Timberlake exudes humbleness. It would've been nice to see Jessica Biel on his side but tonight was not going to be.

Meagan Good surely did good for herself. Along with her was her fiancee Thomas Jones of the Jets. Love that girl Meagan, when you ask her to "give it" and pose for "an over the shoulder," she game with that.

Looking lovely in a printed dress, she pouted, smiled, blew kisses and waved more than any other actresses I've photographed on the carpet in recent weeks.

For the few minutes that Mariska Hargitay posed on the carpet, she showed her how she can be hot and demure at the same time.

"Pirates of The Caribbean" and "Fast and The Furious" star Reggie Lee, was the first one out of the gate and onto the blue carpet for the premiere. Was he vying to soup up a Zamboni and melt the ice?

Vern Troyer definitely was looking better than he's ever been especially since his "Surreal Life" fiasco. Vern has bounced back in "The Love Guru" and hopefully will bounce higher in the future.

The closest we got to a guru was Deepak Chopra's son Gotham Chopra. Film star Manu Narayan actually grabbed Gotham and persuaded him to take a few shots with him.

Unfotunately, we were not blessed with the presence of Jessica Alba as she just recently had her baby. Maybe next time with an "Over The Shoulder!" pose.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Liv Tyler prefers blue instead of Green on the Carpet

Last Sunday was a nice warm day with a slight hint of a breeze to have the World Premiere of "The Incredible Hulk" at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, CA. (Right next to Universal Studios for those who are not familiar with the area).

Instead of the typical red carpet, we had a light green carpet to contend with. Many of the attendees wore some sort of green colored outfit. For film star Liv Tyler, she opted for a nice short cut Stella McCartney dress. I didn't realize how tall Ms. Tyler was. I was about 300 feet from the start point of the carpet and I could still see the top of her head above all the other photogs that were around the bend where the carpet began.

Liv Tyler knows how to work it.

She's a tall woman!

We were also treated to a surprise visit of the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. Whoa that man! You definitely don't want to make him mad with those imposing pecs and biceps. As some of you know the original scientist from the tv series was played by Bill Bixby, god rest his soul. However, Brandon Cruz who played Bill Bixby's son on the tv show "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," came out to show his support of "The Incredible Hulk." Along with Brandon was his son, Lincoln Bixby Cruz. Brandon named his son with the Bixby name in honor of Bill.

Brandon Cruz and son Lincoln Bixby Cruz attend the premiere.

"The Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier says, "Did you get your shot?"

William Hurt made a pit stop right in front of me asking what kind of camera I had and what kind of lens. He's so used to seeing black colored body digital slrs and obnoxiously long zoom lenses. For me, I had to switch out from my Canon 30D and zoom lens to my back up Canon Digital Rebel and a shorter 18-55mm lens due to some technical difficulties. So imagine a celebrity used to seeing these big monoliths compared to a gray colored camera body and small lens. Well, ha at least I got him to conversate for a a quick minute.

For Mr. Edward Norton it was a quick snap, snap and goodbye as Edward doesn't like all the red carpet bruhaha. For some odd reason, Mr. Norton was another actor fixated on one photographer, my friend Richard who was on a step stool behind me. For three minutes of trying to get Edward to look at our cameras, he just started at Richard's forever and a day. We joked with Richard saying, "What did you do to Edward? Did you do some voodoo to get him to stare at your camera or did you have a 3 minute bromance?"

Edward Norton stayed on the carpet a bit longer than usual.

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee was also present at the carpet. He was all smiles and happy as usual. We had him give us some sneering looks then I asked him give me a meaner look. He quips back, "You don't want my mean look or you'll regret it."

Stan Lee pointing to us to watch out for our cameras, the Hulk might clobber us.

Tim Roth with his family.

Samantha's Naked neighbor Dante played by Gilles Marini in "Sex and the City: The Movie" was able to take some time to come to the premiere with clothes on.

All and all it was quick premiere to cover. Good thing there was a lot of room for us as other photogs were covering the TV Land Awards happening the same time.

Michael Copon is definitely able to make the rounds of red carpets quicker than any former Power Rangers.

Alex "Militia" Castro of the new "American Gladiators" show takes time off to rest his muscles to watch the film. Castro was part of the rumour mill that before "American Gladiators" he starred in porn films for outlet called Colt Films.

After talking to my feature writer about this version of The Incredible Hulk, she said that it was way better than the disastrous "Hulk" that was also made by Universal Studios. For fans of the original TV series, this movie is definite must see as there are hints of a few homages to the series.

My good friend Janet Nepales, a Filipina entertainment reporter attends the premiere with her husband Ruben Nepales and family. Both are the only Filipinos that are members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Until next time, over the shoulder.

Photos by Peter Gonzaga / Pacific Rim Photo Press