Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aaron Yoo gets his playlist together of why he's proud to be Korean American

Last night in Los Angeles, KoreAM magazine celebrated its Unforgettable event that highlights achievement of Korean Americans in the U.S. Hosted by Margaret Cho, various Korean American came through the red carpet to show their pride in being American and in particular Korean. Up and coming actor Aaron Yoo took to the carpet and talked to this blogger about his experiences in Hollywood.

Aaron Yoo shows his support for Shia LaBeouf during the "Eagle Eye" premiere in Hollywood. ©Pacific Rim Photo Press.

For Aaron Yoo, this young actor started his career as a cinematographer then moved into acting in 2003 with his first role in "Ed" as a student. His major breakthrough in film came in the form of the independent feature "Rocket Science." However, the film that propelled him to mainstream America was "Disturbia" starring Shia LaBouf in which he played Shia's best friend.

Aaron Yoo in "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist."

From Disturbia, moved onto the sleeper hit "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist." Yoo played Thom, the gay leader of Nick's (Michael Cera) punk rock band The Jerk Offs. Interestingly enough, this character didn't perpetuate the flamboyant stereotype that gays are perceived in movies and tv.

As I caught Aaron on the red carpet for the KoreAM event, this rising star had a lot to say about being Korean American in the entertainment industry, his upcoming role in the remake of "Friday The Thirteenth" and turning the tables on my by asking about what kind of video camera to get since he's going on a trip.

Check out the full interview clip of Aaron. He's such a hoot to talk to!

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