Monday, November 3, 2008

SoReal Cru Invades Oxnard, CA to teach the kids some moves

Who says dance crews don't make a difference. For SoReal Cru, "2nd place runner ups of Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew Season Two," showed their philanthropic moves by hosting a dance clinic for kids in Oxnard, Ca this past weekend and also were the headlining showcase for the Kasiyahan's 10th Anniversary Best In The West Show.

For SoReal Cru, their lives have changed for the better and what great way to share their new found fame in sharing their craft with kids. They took some time to teach their moves to various dance studios in the Oxnard, CA which is about an hour's drive north of Los Angeles. Along with their moves, they took to the stage for the 10th Anniversary of an event called Kasiyahan Best In The West.

According to Kasiyahan's Myspace page, "Kasiyahan Entertainment strives to support and educate our youth, we continuously look for ways to assist them with their needs. We are proud to present our newest project, “The Jam Center” Dance Program. In collaboration with the Police Activities League Organization, our program will serve as an outlet for the youth to share their passion and energy in the art of dance. It will encourage good health and fitness, raise cultural knowledge, offer a rehearsal space for organizations and allow high school squads who are not properly funded by their schools, to have an in-door facility to practice and meet for their activities."

Take a look at their performance and interviews:

SoReal's performance

SoReal talks to the crowd after their performance

Ailyn, Mark and Brian Fucanan of SoReal talk about their experience after America's Best Dance Crew and give out advice for future ABDC crews

Brian Puspos talks about his future

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