Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hoffman teaches a photog how to kiss a duck's arse

During the screening of "Last Chance Harvey" at the AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles, a photographer asks Dustin to blow him a kiss. Instead, of blowing a kiss he explains to the event photographer how to kiss a duck's arse without getting feather's in one's mouth.

Hoffman explains, "You have to do it real quick. Pucker up your lip and....(makes a motion of puckering and kissing then quickly puffs out some air like he's spitting) and that's how you keep duck feather's from your mouth."

Oh that Hoffman, he sure is a riot. Another funny tidbit was when the red carpet photogs say, "To Your left and to your right." He blurts out, "Now I know what they mean by hanging it to your left and to your right." I guess you have to leave that comment to your imagination.

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