Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel F***KS Ben Affleck after the Oscars

Well I guess it's already a few days and I'm still sick with not enough energy to post those Oscar photos. You've probably had your dose of red carpet photos from other sites. Instead, you can watch the Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck Love song. OMG, how did Jimmy get all those stars to do a USA For Kimmel and Affleck. I've included the Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon video also that started the parody.

Jimmy Kimmel F***king Ben Affleck

Sarah Silverman F***King Matt Damon

Go Speed Racer Go!!!!

In the meantime while I recover from this flu, Check out the hot new Speed Racer movie trailer from Warner Bros. I'm taking Matthew Fox's word for it that the Wachowski Bros has something going good for us this coming May...

I've also included the retro old school theme and closing from the original Speed Racer cartoon. Enjoy!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar red carpet

The Oscars are finally over and I had to deal with coming down with the flu. I'll be posting some red carpet photos from the Oscars in a bit. I'll also have photos from the Film Independent Spirit awards.

Update***I'm still out of commission. I'll try to post photos asap***

Ramiele Malubay is my favorite American Idol contestant

Thinking that I wouldn't get caught with the AI bug, I was bitten again. After watching the the auditions, I didn't think there were many that stuck out. From the fan favorites of David Archuleta and Asia'h Epperson, one that really stuck to me was Ramiele Malubay. Being American of Filipino descent, I was thinking, oh no no another over-rated Asian-Am singer like Jasmine Trias.

This little girl can really belt it out and the judges were in agreement except for Simon. However, after the first week in Hollywood, Simon changed his tune about Ramiele. Her rendition of Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" definitely brought her game on. Even Simon said she was the one of the best singers of that week.

One thing I truly love about this young lady is her big voice and being proud of her American Filipino/Asian roots. With Jasmine, she originally said she was Hawaiian then within the coming weeks of the show, she finally admitted her Filipino roots. No matter what ethnicity Ramiele is, her voice overcomes all and is proud to become an American Idol of Asian/Filipino descent. Wishing her the best in the coming weeks.

Check out her American Idol Top 24 interview:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fastbreak on the carpet: Semi-Pro Premiere

What red carpet would have a basketball court and hot cheerleaders? "Semi-Pro" took that court last Tuesday night at the Mann's Village Theater in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. Along the aqua-green carpet streamed the stars as they made a fast break through the area.

"Semi-Pro" stars Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon, a one-hit wonder who uses the profits from the success of his chart-topping song "Love Me Sexy" to achieve his dream of owning a basketball team, "The Flint Michigan Tropics." However, the Tropics, is the worst team in the league and may fold when the ABA announces its plans to merge with the NBA. Jackie must figure out a way to keep his hoop dreams alive.

As his hoop dreams must be kept alive, Will Ferrell showed his shooting prowess on the carpet with a swoosh into the makeshift basketball hoop. Other stars including Andre Benjamin and Andy Richter took their turn in making the shots while the sexy Tropics girls cheered and watched on.

Will Ferrell dressed in a 70's outfit.

"One Tree Hill" star James Lafferty makes a break for it.

Andy Richter takes a quick snapshot before dunking the ball.

Amanda Bynes shows how to strut it on the carpet.

Andre Benjamin makes a full court press towards the video crews.

Michael Moore takes a break from being a "Sicko"

Hey, it's McLovin aka Christopher Mintz.

Woody Harrelson sports his Flint Tropics tan.

Check out the trailer here:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kris Kid comes riding down the film press junkets

Hey All,

I am glad to inform you that I've invited my colleague nick named Kris Kid to guest blog on Eye On Red Carpets every so often. She will post interesting quotes and happenings from press junkets she's attended or eye popping entertainment news that pertains to celebrity chit chat.

Welcome Kris Kid.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

George Romero—My new hero

I was sitting at another press junket the other day for George Romero's adequate new zombie movie, "The Diary of the Dead," when the horrormaster uttered something that totally took me by surprise and gave me all new respect for him. In talking about how he wants to see more traditional and gothic elements in movies, he said this: "I guess that's also one of the things that really is disappointing to me, that a lot of films these days sort of leave those values out. I went to see 'Atonement' and I expected to need a tissue. It didn't happen. That same week, Turner Movie Classics showed 'Brief Encounter.' You laugh at the style (of this old movie), you laugh at the techniques and everything else for 90 minutes, and then at the end of the film, there's a tear in your eye."
I too was bored to tears watching "Atonement," which is perhaps the most overrated, overhyped movie of 2007. I couldn't agree more with Romero's assessment. Now just watch it win an Oscar. Hoo boy!

Upcoming Movie Premieres - Semi Pro, Vantage Point, Penelope

It has been a few days since I've done any premieres. I will be doing one for Los Angeles Premiere of Semi-Pro tonight starring Will Ferrell. This one should be interesting premiere as Will usually dresses in character. Just hope he doesn't comb his armpit hairs on the red carpet then smear it with Old Spice deodorant.

Will Farrell in an Old Spice Commercial

Tomorrow evening will be the Vantage Point Premiere in New York. I'll be having a good friend of mine, Adam Aguirre, cover the event for me as I am based in L.A. Let's see how his photographic sharp shooting techniques work out.

Then on Wednesday, I'll be heading over to the Penelope Premiere with Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon on board.

Check out the TV Guide interview with Reese regarding "Penelope."

The rest of the week will be spent ramping up for the Independent Spirit Awards and the Oscars. Unfortunately, I was denied red carpet access to the Oscars but will have exterior access, whatever that means. My colleague will be posting her stories from the press room at the Oscars while I sit in the office sorting through pictures to match the winners.

Even though I will not be at the Oscars, The Independent Spirit Awards will make up for it. As many actors who go to the Oscars, attends the Spirit Awards also. My eyes will be on the carpet just for you. One shocking news item is that Vanity Fair has cancelled their annual Oscar awards party. According to a post on their website, "After much consideration, and in support of the writers and everyone else affected by this strike, we have decided that this is not the appropriate year to hold our annual Oscar party." It looks like the most Oscar attendees will end up the Governor's Ball anyways. Most years, the Governor's Ball was the first event for people to go to before they jetted off to other Oscar parties such as the Vanity Fair event.

Until next time, "Over The Shoulder!"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Gladiators at The Los Angeles FitExpo

A little side track from the usual entertainment red carpets I do. Today, I went to the Los Angeles FitExpo to cover the Los Angeles leg of the "American Gladiators" tryout. I thought I'd be a bit bored just taking pictures of contestants trying out for the show. But watching these people go through the semi-grueling physical test was interesting in itself. To see the individuals challenge themselves in making sure that they met the minimum physical agility require to looking like they just got beat up by the trials. One guy was so pumped when he did the running back from cone to cone that he tripped over himself and was upset. I have to give to these individuals wanting to make it to the next round of "American Gladiators."

Wolf and his bad ass hair.

Along for the ride were gladiators Wolf and Justice. Unfortunately, after waiting around and checking out all the various booths, Militia wasn't around for any photo opps. Hmm, wonder if it's due to his recent news about his past. Oh well, I actually bumped into another photog of introduced me to Tanji Johnson another lovely gladiator. We joking about the red carpets as only a few the AGladiators have gone to many events. So I gave Tanji some pointers about how the photogs will either love you or not. Make sure to look at every lens as possible, once done start trying to pinpoint various voices and what they ask. I felt like I was doing a red carpet posing school seminar.

Tanji Johnson

My new photog friend introduced me to more "BodyBuilding celebrities" such as Mike "The Zipper" Sable, Marika Johansson, and IronFitness publisher Mike Goodin.

Marika Johansson can break a guy in half with her muscles.

I decided to walk around a bit and found another unique bodybuilding celebrity by the name of Ken Yasuda. He was a former Mr. Japan, a descendent of 46 generations of Samurai warriors. He's currently the head coach for International Fight League's Tokyo Sabres. Yasuda is also known as the Japanese Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well after a few hours of seeing all these fit clubbers, Brazilian jijitsu fighters and fitness fanatics, it made me want to go home then head straight to the gym to do some pumping up.

Ken Yasuda

Until the next premiere, "Over the shoulder!"

Upcoming premiere coverage "Semi-Pro" and "Penelope."

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

American Idol's Top 24 set

Tonight, Randy, Paula and Simon had finally made their decision on the top 24. I don't know if it's me but it was a bit more slightly irritating seeing practically every single girl cry instead of being strong. But, it's definitely understandable. Many of the contestants journey in life will be altered.

Young favorite David Archuleta made the cut. With much debate about his age, the judges were going back and forth with David until they finally said yes. The other young male contestant Danny Noriega also made it.

Ramiele Malubay, the lone Asian/Pac Islander was so worried about going up on the elevator. The judges originally loved her big voice coming from her small body. As she sat in that chair of anxiety waiting for the judges to say yes or no, she was feeling cold and nervous. Without hesitation, Paula gave her the good news that she made it.

Ramiele Malubay's first audition.

For Syesha Mercado, it read in her name sYESha was in. Robbie Carrico long haired locks will be staying with him as he moved to the top 24.

For those that didn't, many exited graciously such as Lorena Pinot and Natasha Block. Unfortunately, for Josiah Leming, his first audition went to his head that his second edition cost him a spot on the top 24 thinking he'd coast to one of those spots. It was one of those moments that wanted make you cry. But sometimes people need to be humbled by this type of experience.

Life goes on and dreams will still go on for those who haven't made it but dreams for the top 24 will lead them closer to being an "American Idol."

The full list of the top 24 are as follows:

Alexandrea Lushington, Robbie Carrico, Jason Castro, Danny Noriega, Brooke White, Amanda Overmyer, Michael Johns, David Cook, Luke Menard and Carly Smithson, Chikezie Eze, Colton Berry, Asia'H Epperson, Kady Malloy, Joanne Borgella, Ramiele Malubay, David Hernandez, Amy Davis, Alaina Whitaker, Syesha Mercado, Jason Yeager, David Archuleta, Garrett Haley and Kristy Lee Cook.

Matthew Fox's Vantage Point of his career

As promised, here is my Q&A on Matthew Fox. Such a personable guy. Glad he warmed up to me while interviewing him....

Q&A: Matthew Fox
February 13, 2008

Entertainment News Wire
HOLLYWOOD _ When Matthew Fox began accepting movie roles in addition to his work on the ABC show "Lost," he thought he might have taken on more than he could handle. But after his experience shooting the action feature "Vantage Point," he doesn't feel so lost anymore.

In "Vantage Point," Fox plays Kent Taylor, a secret service agent who is responsible for protecting the president (played by William Hurt). During a global summit meeting in Salamanca, Spain, someone attempts to assassinate the president while he's making an appearance in a town square. The film presents eight distinct points of view of the assassination attempt _ but only one holds the key to the situation. The film also stars Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver and Edgar Ramirez.

On a warm and sunny Friday morning at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, Fox walks down the stairs of a duplex hotel suite and sits down to offer his own point of view on a growing TV and movie career.

Q: Your character, Kent Taylor, has an interesting twist to who he is. Is that one of the reasons you wanted to do "Vantage Point?"

A: For me, that's never the first element. It's more about the picture. It's about the whole movie and it's about the whole story. The director _ his take on the whole story. It's really important to me to be a part of something that is good and has valid reasons for being made. And then the role that I'm asked to play is more the secondary issue.

Q: Speaking of directors, you'd mentioned you wanted to work with the Wachowski Brothers. Was their involvement the focus of your being part of the "Speed Racer" film?

A: Initially it was the main focus. I love the idea of innovation and raising the bar on yourself, and the Wachowskis believe that that's an important thing. They also take stories that have interesting subversive bends underneath. I really like that. But then, when I read the script I was utterly blown away, and the process of making the movie with them was extraordinary.

Q: With "Vantage Point," the various points of view had to be filmed over and over again. Was that hard for you?

A: Filmmaking is pretty much a tedious process, but when you are doing eight different points of view of the same events, it's eight times as tedious. It's a lot. I remember that podium sequence in which William gets shot and the team would swoop up in on him; I can't tell how many times we did that. Every single time, William Hurt was just so committed to what he was doing. He didn't care if the camera was 400 yards away and it was a perspective in which we were deep background. The way he was committed to each take and that professionalism is really something I respect.

Q: Watching the end of the chase scene seemed so emotional. Was it tough for you?

A: Oh God. That was definitely a tough scene. That was a long, long day. That was tough to shoot.

Q: In the chase scene, did you do any of your own stunts?

A: I did some of the driving, but not any of the real intense chase scenes. Stunt drivers did that. One of the only times I got a little frustrated with (director Pete Travis) was when he was asking me to do some close-up shots in the chase scenes. And it essentially had to be where the car was parked, and there were green screens around, and they had someone rock the car lightly because the whole scene is right here (puts his hand squarely framing his face). And I was saying, "This isn't going to work." Pete tells me (whispering), "Trust me. It's going to work. Trust me, Matthew, trust me." And (now) everyone is saying, "The car chase is the greatest car chase ever." I kept laughing to myself every time I would hear that because I was thinking of Pete saying, "Trust me. Trust me."

Q: And that's why you love directors.

A: Yeah. Hell yeah. That's why you want to feel like you're in good hands, because they have a take on it and it's really going to rip.

Q: Have you thought about becoming a director?

A: I've done a little bit. I directed an episode of "Party of Five" when I was on that show. It's a lot. I mean, the one experience I had in directing and acting in the same thing was difficult in itself.

Q: Who is your ultimate dream director to work with?

A: I have a list. A pretty long list. The Wachowskis are up there, I'll tell you that. But there is a bunch. Antoine Fuqua, Aronofsky, Ridley Scott, the Coen Brothers, Michael Mann.

Q: Has your film career affected your TV career with "Lost?"

A: I've had my moments where I thought I might be biting off more than I can chew. I think the summer I did "Vantage Point" and "We Are Marshall," I felt like that. When I committed to both films, I thought that I might not have the energy for this. What I found was quite the opposite. The work I do over the break rejuvenates me when I come back to "Lost." It rejuvenates my passion. It feels like I'm taking something new and bigger to the show and I'm excited. I feel like I'm re-energized. So far, it's worked out for me that way.

Q: You had viewing parties for "Lost" during the first year. Do you still do that?

A: We did for the first year. We don't have them anymore. I think it's the natural progression of the show that people stop socializing together. I mean, the beginning was important. We were all leaving somewhere and going to a new place and no one had any relationships in Hawaii. We're all transplanting ourselves and moving there and setting up camp. Initially, it was about us working together and socializing together as well. I also felt that it was important for us to bond and see the show together and support each other's work, as sometimes the storylines don't connect. We did that for the first year then people started making friendships outside of the show. Myself, if you have kids, you start making friends with your kids' friends' parents. Gradually it's the natural progression of things where we see each other at work then go and we have our lives outside the show.

Q: Going back to "Vantage Point," especially with the presidential primaries underway, do you see its theme of an assassination attempt as a political issue?

A: No. I mean the political part of the film is just a backdrop for an action thriller. It's an action thriller dealing with perspective. You can use a lot of different backgrounds. I'm glad we used the backdrop of a president in Salamanca, Spain, and in the town square, because it really works. But I don't necessarily believe it's a political movie.

Filipinos In Hollywood

As one of the few Filipino event photographers covering red carpet events alongside my veteran red carpet photographer Sthanlee Mirador (he's featured in the book, with his photo taken by me), I thought I'd share this press release regarding Filipinos in Hollywood.

The funny thing about being Filipino is that Hollywood would sometimes be confused as to what to cast Filipinos as either Hispanic, Asian, American Indian or who knows what...

Well here's the release:


LOS ANGELES (February 2008) – The history of Filipino Americans in the entertainment industry is finally revealed in Carina Monica Montoya’s Filipinos in Hollywood. This book will be featured in a Filipino American Library (FAL) Book Reading on Saturday, March 8 at 2:00pm at FAL (135 N. Park View St., Los Angeles). To RSVP for this free event, please contact or 213-382-0488.

In FAL Book Readings, authors share their Filipino works of literature with residents of Greater Los Angeles. Admission is free and donations are accepted. Food and drinks will be provided. This event is co-sponsored by Filipino American Service Group, Inc. (FASGI), Wal-Mart, and Burger King Corporation.

The memoirs of Filipinos in Hollywood span more than 80 years, dating back to the early 1920s when the first wave of immigrants who were mostly males, arrived and settled in Los Angeles. Despite the obstacles and hardships of discrimination, these early Filipino settlers had high hopes and dreams for the future. Many sought employment in Hollywood, only to be marginalized into service-related fields, becoming waiters, busboys, dishwashers, cooks, houseboys, janitors, and chauffeurs. They worked at popular restaurants, homes of the rich and famous, movie and television studios, clubs and diners. For decades, Filipinos were the least recognized and least documented Asians in Hollywood. But many emerged from the shadows to become highly recognized talents, some occupying positions in the entertainment industry that makes Hollywood what it is today -- the world's capital of entertainment and glamour.

Author Carina Monica Montoya, who was born and raised in the Hollywood area, has collected these vintage images from the early Filipino families who settled in Hollywood, the Filipino community, and Los Angeles historical organizations. These remarkable photographs capture the spirit of and challenges faced by Filipinos in America, as well as their triumphs, recognition, and success in Hollywood. For more information on Filipinos in Hollywood, please visit

Montoya’s interest in local history is personal; her father was one of the first young Filipino men to arrive, settle in Los Angeles and find work in Hollywood. She was thrilled by the opportunity to compile and edit this photographic history on behalf of her family, as well as for the Filipino community in Los Angeles who are all part of the history, the subject of this new book. She hopes that her work will bring back fond memories and inspire the telling of more colorful stories. Her fervor in writing this book has led her to currently undertake a second book on Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles.

Founded on October 13, 1985 by “Auntie Helen” Agcaoili Summers Brown, FAL is one of the most comprehensive repositories of Filipino and Filipino American works with a collection of more than 6,000 titles. Its mission is to actively promote the history, culture, and professional achievements of Filipinos and Filipino Americans through the book collection, leadership development, and cultural programming, thereby contributing to the achievement of a culturally dynamic, multiethnic America.

FAL is located at 135 N. Park View St., Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles, CA 90026-5215. It is open Mondays-Fridays 1:00-5:00pm and by appointment. For more information, please contact the FAL Administrator, Jonathan Lorenzo, at 213-382-0488 or Also visit and Tax-deductible donations are accepted online. FAL is a division of the Filipino American Heritage Institute (Nonprofit Tax ID Number 95-4282571).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Discrimination on the red carpet!!!!!!

"Oh my God!" was my reaction tonight at the Movieguide Awards at the Beverly Hilton. You may ask why. In the eight years of working in the entertainment industry, I never thought I'd be blatantly discriminated against. But tonight would change all that. As I was waiting for the red carpet to start with all the other photographers in the photo area with our press badges around our necks, I was singled out by a white rent-a-cop security (all the other photogs around me were caucasian). He came up to me and asked for my press badge. I guess to see if I belonged there. I turned to the photographer to the left of me and said, "What was that all about?" He said, "I don't know. That's weird. He didn't ask for my badge." All of a sudden, another photographer behind me said, "Oh wow! You were just discriminated against."

I shouted out, "Are you serious, was I just discriminated against because of my brown skin? Oh my God, you might be right, I'm the only non-white here in the photo section." The photog behind me said, "Yeah, I think you were. I have to take a picture of you and put it on my blog and talk about it on my site."

I was dumbfounded. The good thing was that I kind of brushed it off and did my job. I really think that this rent-a-cop didn't realize he had singled me out and by singling me out, he had subconsciously discriminated against me. The other photogs and I started to joke about it from saying "Oh, maybe he thinks you're muslim, maybe he thinks you're a trouble maker!" etc, etc....

I am one not to pull the race card but if all these other caucasian photogs said I was discriminated against then maybe I was.

Well I got my last laugh, when he walked into the press room and saw me, I flashed my badge and rent-a-cop just turned away...

Anyways...even though the Movieguide Awards is a faith and value based awards show, I will not be posting any photos from the event especially since I was allegedly discriminated at a show that should be about respect for others which respect was not given me by an overzealous rent-a-cop.

Huckabee lifts from Larry The Cable Guy

Apparently, Republicans love the entertainment community also. It seems that a CNN report has spotlighted the fact that Republican Presidential hopeful has been taking bites from comedian Larry The Cable Guy. According to my film reporter colleague, Larry says, "Bizarre!"

What's next, Huckabee wins election and plans his next four years in office according to the movie "American Dreamz." Gotta love those politicians.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes surprises LACMA guests

Last night, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made a surprise red carpet entrance to the BCAM (Broad Contemporary Art Museum) Born opening night gala party at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). After a long evening of waiting for celebrities to show up, Tom & Katie's appearance was a surprise to most of the publicity staff who was handling the event.

The last major celebrity to show up at least an hour late was the "Genie In The Bottle" chanteuse, Christina Aguilera. Along with her husband, Christina was dress in a low cut ocean blue dress that accentuated her upper torso. She looked strikingly beautiful with her tan complexion. She had a slight problem with the dress. I didn't notice until I started to review my camera that a portion of her bra was showing. No problem though because still knew how to work it down the carpet.

Other celebrities who showed up include Maria Shriver, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, David Byrne, Leonard Nimoy, Dennis Hopper, Lauren Hutton, Michael York and Tony Bennett to name a few.

Tony Bennett

Lauren Hutton and Dennis Hopper

David Byrne and Cindy Sherman

Nicole Richie

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

"Fool's Gold" fools critics

Congratulations to Warner Bros. Entertainment's "Fool's Gold" for topping this past weekend's box office top ten. With many critics panning the film starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, the romantic comedy was able to defy the critics as movie goers showed their interest in seeing the shirtless McConaughey and sexy Hudson regroup together for this feature.

Taking in $22 million in ticket sales, the Warner Bros. film faced stiff competition from "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins" and the popular Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana 3D film concert which was expected to top the charts again this week as it did when it debuted last week. The concert fell to third place with $10.5 million as "Roscoe Jones" squeeze in between "Fool's Gold" and "Hannah Montana" to secure second place.

Next week will have two thrillers battling it out for the Presidents' Day Weekend, Paramount's "The Spiderwick Chronicles" and 20th Century's "Jumper."

"The Spiderwick Chronicles starring Freddie Highmore and Sarah Bolger.

Samuel L. Jackson in "Jumper."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Get the point in Vantage Point

Wow! What a movie. If you like action and suspense then you're going to love "Vantage Point." I just finished watching a screening tonight in Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade. Imagine "Rules of Attraction" but substitute the montage of flashbacks to one particular situation with high intense emotional drama. Imagine watching the assassination of the U.S. President from the eyes of the assassin, an innocent bystander, and the hero to name a few.

In "Vantage Point," Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Matthew Fox) are assigned to protect President Ashton (William Hurt) at a landmark summit on global war on terror. President Ashton is shot moments after he about to address the Spanish people in Salamanca, Spain. Lives of individuals involved are tangled in a web of innocence and deceit.

At first, the audience sighed as we went through a couple of re-enactments of the assassination of the U.S. President Ashton (William Hurt). But once the last and point of view segued onto the screen, the audience actually laughed and clapped but that soon turned into an emotional roller-coaster ride as foot chases and car chases ensued with the finale worth the suspenseful ride the movie took us on. The chaos of the assassination culminated on how various "Vantage Points" brings life together and how each person has a stake in history no matter how significant or minute their part is from a little girl bumping into Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker), an innocent American tourist who believes he's captured the shooter on his camcorder or how Mr. Lewis is drawn into being helpful to secret service agent Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid).

"Vantage Point" gives the audience their own vantage point in history.

I'll be posting my q&a with Matthew Fox in a few days. I will also let you know if I'll be covering the premiere.

Check out the trailer here:

Former "General Hospital" nurse Amy Vining passes

The gossip and drama nurse of "General Hospital," Amy Vining played by Shel Kepler, passed away last Friday. According to the Medical Examiner's office in Portland, Or., Kepler died of renal failure.

Her character made "General Hospital" fun, interesting, and intriguing for the 23 years she was on the show. After her stint at "General Hospital" Kepler went on to market a clothing line, "Lacy Afternoon" at the former Home Shopping Club.

Here is some various clips of Shel on "General Hospital":

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Bash and Pitbull come together for spring tour

For all you Baby Bash and Pitbull fans. The two have joined together for a spring tour. Read the press release direct from the TVT Records:


(New York, New York) Rap superstars, TVT Records' Pitbull and Arista
Records' Baby Bash, come together to co-headline a Spring tour. The
cross-country tour kicks off in Orlando on Saturday, March 15 in support of
their new albums - The Boatlift and Cyclone, respectively. Pitbull and Baby
Bash have massive internet followings, are two of the most searched for
Latin artists on Myspace, and both have been the #1 Latin artist on the

Baby Bash at the "How She Move" Premiere.

"It's been long over due for me and Pit to hit the road together; finally
our fans can see us both together for one ticket. You can't beat that with a
whoopin' stick," says Baby Bash about the upcoming tour.

Baby Bash's first smash single from the new album, "Cyclone," (featuring
T-Pain) has already sold more than 1.5 million digital singles, surpassed
the 1 million mark in ringtones, and hit Top 10 on the rap and mainstream
radio charts, making him one of the hottest stars in the country. The
second single, "What Is It" (featuring Sean Kingston) is currently Top 10 on
the rap chart and is heating up at mainstream radio.

This is the first national tour for Pitbull since joining Lil Jon on the
Anger Management Tour in 2005. "I can't wait to get out on the road with
Baby Bash. I want to use this opportunity to connect with my all my fans and
million plus Myspace friends," says Pitbull.

The Boatlift showcases Pitbull's lyrical prowess as he crusades through 18
tracks penning clever and captivating rhymes on each song. Pitbull has
created an incredibly diverse album ranging from R and B-influenced sounds like
first single "Secret Admirer" feat Lloyd, to hypnotic club banger "Go Girl"
teaming with Trina and Young Boss, and current Afro-Cuban melodic single
"The Anthem" with a bombastic chant by Lil Jon. " The Anthem" is number 17
on the Top 40 Rhythm chart and breaking big on Mainstream Top 40 (Pop)

Baby Bash originally from Vallejo, CA now based in Houston, TX, has garnered
a loyal following as a rapper-singer mixing hip-hop and R and B with his Latin
roots. Bash's major label debut album, The Smokin' Nephew (certified gold),
and the follow up Super Saucy, featured the #1 hit singles, "Suga Suga"
(featuring Frankie J) and "Baby I'm Back" (featuring Akon). Bash also
penned and performed on the smash records with Frankie J, "Obsession" and
Paula Deanda, "Doing Too Much." Most recently Bash was featured with
Jennifer Lopez on "This Boy's On Fire" from Santana¹s Ultimate Santana.

Cuban-American MC Pitbull surpassed gold status for more than 500,000 copies
sold of his debut album M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue in the United
States. The feat gave Pitbull the biggest-selling bilingual hip-hop debut
since Cypress Hill's 1991 self-titled debut, and put him in the rare
category of Latino rappers who have achieved major success in
English-language radio. In addition to being the #1 Latin artist on
Myspace, Pitbull unleashed his sophomore album El Mariel in late 2006
spawning the #1 Latin Rap hit, "Dime".

Pitbull and Baby Bash will be performing in the following cities (subject to

MARCH 15th

MARCH 16th

MARCH 18th

MARCH 19th

MARCH 21st

MARCH 22nd

MARCH 25th

MARCH 26th

MARCH 28th

MARCH 30th




Tour updates can also be found at:

Most Favorite 2008 Super bowl Commercial

Trying to stay warm last night at "The Hottie and The Nottie" premiere, I decided to ask some random photographers and journalists what was their favorite commercials. Here are the top five in particular order:

"What Is Love?" Pepsi Commercial

Justin Timberlake Pepsi Commercial

Coca Cola It's Mine

Pepsi Enable Ad

Baby Rents Clown

Monday, February 4, 2008

Paris Hilton is a "Hottie"

Surprise, surprise! It's another cold night in Hollywood as we freeze our arses off for the new Paris Hilton film, "The Hottie and The Nottie" Sorry, I'm having a hard time blogging live with my Blackberry and my fingers freezing up. But it's all right as the atmosphere is like being at a nightclub with house music blaring from speakers and a live deejay bumpin the glowstick moving jams. Can't wait to see if Paris actually grooves down the red carpet and twirling like she's about to vogue down the red carpet.
Here's a shot of my photo colleague Valarie waiting for the premiere to start. I'll be posting photos in a bit.

Well the premiere finally got started about 15 mins later than expected with Paris running fashionably late also. It definitely was worth the wait because Miss. Hilton was dress in a stunning pink number decked out with a diamond necklace and bracelet. That girl definitely knows how to get a crowd wild about her by just posing. Photographers screaming left and right to get her attention even me making a "Hey Paris, right here! Woohoo! Paris!" I hardly get star stuck but I think it was because Paris definitely looked the Hottie that she is.

Oh no, more flashes? I've got a headache. No, this is my fashion pose baby!

In her new movie, "The Hottie and The Nottie," Paris plays Cristabel Abbott, a sexy single with a less than sexy friend named June Phigg (Christine Lakin). It's been years since Nate Cooper (Joel David Moore) has seen the crush of his life when his family had to move away at six years old before any young romance is to blossom. Years later, Nate finds out that Cristabel is still single for a reason. June is a part of Cristabel's life from being roommates to going to yoga together and even dates. To get to Cristabel, Nate must find a way to get less than appealing June out of the way.

In real life, the actress who plays June is a hottie herself. Christine Lakin definitely is not what you see on the movie screen. Wearing a green satin dress, Christine showed us that she's hot herself. But on this cold night, the coldness was definitely showing with goose bumps all over her body if you were close enough. While heading back to the front of the carpet, Christine stopped right in front of me and mumbled, "It's so cold" and I answered back, "I can see that, you have goose bumps. Where's your coat?" "I have one but not with me" as her teeth started to chatter. But all in all, it seemed like she warmed up a bit when Paris arrived.

Christine Lakin lookin' hot!!!

Speaking of arriving, Paris' arrival actually stopped traffic. As she walked to one end the sidewalk to greet fans, other fans across the street on Hollywood Blvd just rushed through traffic to get to Paris. Thank god no one was hurt.

Another guest who looked hot was Alexa Vega. The Spy Kid girl definitely is growing up. Hmmm, we were all shocked to see her walking the carpet in a navel revealing top. Didn't realize it was summer. Oh wait it was a cold night in Hollywood.

Alexa, it's not summer yet, but looking sexy anyways.

One funny red carpet snub was that of Perez Hilton. As he started at the beginning of the carpet, not a single photographer snapped his photo. Hmm must still be the fact that he supposedly lifts and steals other photographers photos and claims as his own. Most major photo agencies has some lawsuit against him. Perez just whizzed on by the carpet like a hurricane not wanted.

Looks like there will be a lot of fans out to watch "The Hottie and The Nottie" including her family. The film opens on February 8 in limited release. Check your local paper to see if it's playing in your area.

Brother Conrad, mom Kathy and dad Rick showing love as they arrive on the red carpet for Paris' movie.

Check out the trailer right here:

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Highmore watches out for Spiderwick

From "Finding Neverland" to "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory," Freddie Highmore has grown as an actor. Not just physically but also mentally as child actor. In his new film, "The Spiderwick Chronicles," Highmore plays twins Jared and Simon Grace who move into their great uncle Arthur Spiderwick. While living in the home, unexplained disappearances and accidents happen without any explanation in which Jared is blamed for. Trying to figure out what is causing these events, Jared, Simon and their sister Mallory (Sarah Bolger) are about to find the enchanting secrets that the Spiderwick estate holds.

There's no secret that Freddie is growing taller as demonstrated in last Thursday's premiere of film at the Paramount Theater on The Paramount Studio Lot in Hollywood. Mr. Highmore is as tall as his parents. But he can still play the dubious and lovable youthful characters in his movies.

Along for the support of the movie, Hayden Panettiere and brother Jansen made their appearance at the premiere. Looking strikingly beautiful in a red dress, Hayden's eyes had that sparkle that just makes anyone want to get to know her. Other guests included various child actors from Nickelodeon and a few from the Disney Channel.

"The Spiderwick Chronicles" opens at theaters nationwide on February 15.

That Thursday night was a busy night for me, so I sent my good friend Alex Sanchez to capture the excitement of "The Spiderwick Chronicles" Premiere for you to see.

"Disturbia" star Justin Chon braves "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Jansen Panettiere attends premiere with sister Hayden.

Hayden Panettiere does an over the shoulder pose.

Sean Faris shows his kid side by watching "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Nick Nolte and son Brawley illustrate father and son bonding.

Martin Short is definitely not short on support for the film.

Film star Freddie Highmore flashes a smile for the cameras.

David Henri takes a detour from Waverly Place to Paramount lot.

Victoria Justice does the red carpet justice a cute leather jacket.

"The Ring 2 and 3" star David Dorfman feels at home with a cowboy hat.

Brad Rowe doesn't have to worry about treasures at this premiere.