Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tilda Swinton asks, "Is It Really Your Birthday?"

For a red carpet photographer, we try to come up with various things to get the attention of the celebrity to look at our lens out of the sea of other photographers' lens. For one photog, she loves to say, "Blow me a kiss, it's my birthday!" (when it's not). Last Wednesday night at the AFI Festival's Tribute to Tilda Swinton, the un-named photographer had no words for Tilda when she said, "Is it really your birthday, because it's mine too?"

The photog had to come clean and tell her that it wasn't her birthday. To make light of it, I blurted out, hey Tilda it's really my birthday, Happy Birthday fellow Scorpian! Now that gave her a smile.

The next evening at the BAFTA Awards in Century City, CA. Tilda was on the carpet again since she was there to accept an award from the BAFTA. This time I was able to get her attention when I yelled out "Tilda, I love Julia it brilliant." Her mouth dropped open and she was elated.

"Julia" is her upcoming movie to be released in February 2009 about an alcoholic who is propositioned into making a quick buck. However, one thing leads to another and Julia is way in over her head than she expected.

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