Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Far*East Movement makes online history with first live online streaming of a record release party!

Last night in a studio in Burbank, CA, the hip hop/rap group Far*East Movement or also known as FM held their record release party for their upcoming album Animal. The most unique element of their party was the fact that they were able to bring the fans into the studios via a live stream of their party.

Realizing the importance of connecting to their fans, the group decided the bring the party to the people via the live online broadcast of the party which included a live show of Far*East Movement performing cuts from their previous albums and new cuts from the Animal album.

Through the kindness of StickAm, FM was able to interact with their fans through the blog and live chat. FM egged on their online party people to answer questions and win prizes throughout the release party.

According, to the group, an online release party has never been done before. This may be paving the way for new artists to connect with their fans through the net.

For more information on the hottest hip hop/rap group bubbling under the radar visit

Check out a quick peek as my co-host Elmer joined in on the party

More sample clips of Far East Movement's sound to come!

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