Sunday, January 13, 2008


Another day, another premiere. This time the red carpet was actually green at the Mann's Village Theater this past January 9. Rumors abound if Tom Cruise would attend the premiere of Mad Money with his wife. There were the peeps who said "No" because he didn't want to hog the limelight. To the surprise of the media, he did show up but didn't hog the limelight the same way he didn't hog Will Smith's hand and footprint event at the Mann's Chinese Theater.

What's up with silver these days. Katie Holmes showed up in a nice silver dress a-la Katherine Heigl in a silver dress also at her recent premiere. With her short sassy hair do, it seemed like Katie didn't want Tom to leave her side but he finally broke away to sign autographs right when Katie got to the video line.

As for Diane Keaton, as usual she didn't really stop for the photogs. It's like she must be scared of the camera or something or does all the flash give her headaches? It was a bit of a disappointment because she was one of the lead actresses in "Mad Money" along with Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes.

Now Miss Queen Latifah was different story. She was basking in the limelight even to the point of doing some robot and poplocking moves. Thank goodness she went natural with her hair do. She just had it pulled back in a bun.

My favorite Italian chef was there - Miss. Giada DeLaurentiis. I was a bit surprised that some of my event photographer colleagues didn't recognize her. But I got a big thank you and smile from Miss. Giada when I said, "I love your cooking show Giada!"

Up and coming Lebanese actor Haaz Sleiman made a quick pitstop for his own Mad Money. His next big movie will be "The Visitor."

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