Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hudson and McConaughey Search for "Fool's Gold" on Hollywood Blvd

Brrrrr...It's cold in here. There must be something in the atmosphere. Opps, wrong movie. But it definitely was brrrrr cold night for the "Fool's Gold" world premiere at the Grauman's Chinese Theater last night. The wind was also playing tricks on the ladies dresses and the men's styled hair. The wind was so strong that a fellow photographer was almost knocked to the ground but of course your very own blogger grab a hold of the photographer before he could hit the ground.

As for the female lead, Miss Kate Hudson was fashionably late but we forgave her because of her beautiful smile and happy go lucky attitude.

In "Fool's Gold," Hudson plays Tess Finnegan, the lovely wife of Ben "Finn" Finnegan (Matthew McConaughey). All is not good with Tess and Finn as the treasure hunter obsessed with finding the legendary 18th Century Queen's Dowry of exotic treasures lost at sea in 1715 sinks their marriage. After taking control of her own life by working on billionaire Nigel Honeycutt's (Donald Sutherland) yacht, Finn comes back into the picture when he discovers a secret to finding the treasure and uses his charm and witts to manipulate Honeycutt into joining him on the quest for the dowries. Along the way, against her own better judgement, Tess falls back in love with Finn.

The smile on Kate Hudson's face made many event photographers forget that they've been waiting at least 21/2hrs in the bitter windy cold night, to snap the lovable Hudson.

Earlier in the evening, film director Andy Tennant's wife Sharon had her own wardrobe malfunction as she stepped out of their limo. A breeze lifted her dress within seconds of her exiting the limo. Sharon had to dive back in and wrap her coat around her waist.

Sharon wasn't the only one with major malfunctions. Matthew McConaughey's fiance, Camilla Alves had to put her coat back on as the wind played tricks with her dress by blowing the front of the dress upwards. Thank god she was quick to react by putting her purse down in front of her dress.

As for the coldness, I have to give major kudos to Alexis Dziena (plays Donald Sutherland's daughter in the film) as she posed for the photographers for at least 20 to 30 mins without a moment of putting her coat back on. She definitely was a trouper as I shouted to Alexis, "Think of your warm location shoots from the movie." She replied back, "Warm thoughts! Warm thoughts!"

For Donald, his hair was tossed about as the wind started back up on Hollywood Blvd.

Well, it's time for me to take a warm shower and keep me warm for the next movie premiere - "The Eye" starring Jessica Alba.

Until next time on the red carpet, "Over the shoulder!"

"Fool's Gold" opens this coming February 8, 2008. Check your local listings for the theater near you.

Watch the trailer here:


Anonymous said...

Kate Hudson is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Loved the trailer especially where Kate whacks Matthew with a golf club. I'll definitely watch this movie.