Friday, January 25, 2008

Photographers gunned down by Rambo

After being invited to cover the "Rambo" premiere in Las Vegas that happened last night, the rug was pulled from under photographers who had requested coverage at least a few weeks in advance. The hopes of covering the event were gunned downed due to the fact that the premiere was moved inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel instead of the outside area. Only four photographers were supposedly cleared to cover the event while the majority of photo agencies were left out in the cold. These things happen especially when logistics change for a premiere.

Other than that, it looked like it was a family affair and muscle affair with Sylvester's family attending, our muscled California Governator Arnold and various cast members walking down the blood red carpet.

Sylvester Stallone revises his role as John Rambo. Living in solitude in the jungles of Thailand, Rambo's peaceful existence is shatttered as human rights missionaries search him out to assist them in delivering medical supplies to Burma. However, the missionaries are captured by the Burmese Army and Rambo must decide if he should break through the Burmese war zone and rescue them.

According to my colleague, Angela Dawson, who attended the press junket a few weeks ago, Stallone makes no apologies for "Rambo's" graphic violence. "As we're speaking, people are dying and being tortured in a more brutal fashion than we could ever imagine," Stallone says.

Rambo opens wide today, January 25.

Rambo trailer.

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