Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hardly Untraceable - Diane Lane and cast attend Los Angeles Premiere of Untraceable

Apparently for the public it was an untraceable premiere for them when trying to find the World Premiere of "Untraceable." The low keyed premiere happened at the Pacific Design Center. Looking lovely as ever in her satiny, silky green dress, Diane Lane was smiling for the cameras and did quite a number of video interviews.

Diane Lane stars as Special Agent Jennifer Marsh who has found her match in a tech-savvy internet predator who displays his graphic murders on his own website in which his victims fate lies in the hands of the public. The more hits to his website, the faster his victims die.

"Untraceable" opens January 25 nationwide.

The lovely Diane Lane being eyed by Special Agent Jennifer Marsh.

Diane along with beau Josh Brolin.

Also walking the carpet were co-stars Erin Carufel, Colin Hanks, Joseph Cross, Billy Burke and director Gregory Hoblit. Supporting the movie included guests Majandra Delfino and Colin Hanks' mother, Rita Wilson.

Looks like Erin Carufel is following in the footsteps of Diane with a green dress.

The young Joseph Cross is no longer "Running with Scissors" but is now "Untraceable."

Billy Burke! Watch your movements, Diane has her eye on you!

Colin Hanks takes a quick minute to smile for the cameras. Guess he's still not used to the photogs like his father is since he rushed into the theater while walking the carpet.

Miss Majandra Delfino poses like a model. Hot hot hot!!!

Director Gregory Hoblit disconnects the internet to get to the premiere.


Movie freak said...

Can't wait to see the movie!

Anonymous said...

I hear Diane doesn't like to do the red carpet. Is that true?

LBC Kali Guy said...

From what I've observed on the red carpet, it seems like she doesn't mind except when photographers start shouting.