Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eva Longoria Parker drives past Wisteria Lane with Over Her Dead BodyHe

Tonight, it seemed more like being on Wisteria Lane than on the red carpet for Eva Longoria Parker's new film "Over Her Dead Body." As the traffic started on the red carpet, the Desperate Housewives star had co-stars Felicity Huffman and Nicolette Sheridan stop by to check out what's "Over Her Dead Body."

The first of the Wisteria Lane women was Felicity Huffman dress in all black sans husband William H. Macy. She took some time to take pictures but did not do any video interviews. As for the sultry Nicolette Sheridan, she was dressed in an off white satiny dress with her mate, Michael Bolton, at her side. Nicolette looked blazingly hot as she showered the event photographers with her rays of sexiness.

The lovely Felicity Huffman dressed down for the event.

Nicolette Sheridan looking youthful

As for Mrs. Parker, she dress in a dark pink dress adorned with a flower on the left side of her waist. Her garb definitely help make her face radiate as she beamed with smiles for us to snap away at. Eva definitely can make the list as an angel in heaven. However, in her new film, Eva plays Kate who is killed on her wedding day by a freak accident. Not ready to move on to the next life, Kate lingers on as she sees her fiance starting to fall for Ashley, a psychic who is trying to help Henry (Paul Rudd) get over the loss of his fiance.

Eva looks pretty in pink.

Jason Biggs also strolled the carpet along side with girlfriend Lindsay Zir. They locked lips a few times to show their love for each other. What a cute thing to see especially since the film dealt with love.

Jason Biggs with girlfriend Lindsay Zir

Other red carpet rollers included cast members Lake Bell, Kali Rocha, Stephen Root, and Lindsay Sloane. Guest included the dimple smiling Mario Lopez, Matt Cedeno, and Christina Applegate.

Mario Lopez showing off his dimples

Christina Applegate has no amnesia when it comes to the red carpet.
"Over Her Dead Body" opens February 1

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