Sunday, January 13, 2008

Heigl only likes 1 of the 27 Dresses

It was a cold Monday evening this past January 7, 2008 at The Mann's Village Theater in Westwood, CA. Waiting for the premiere for "27 Dresses" to commence, had my fingers slightly frozen. Imagine the actresses in their opulent dresses, they'd definitely be cold. The first on the carpet was Maria Menounos who at first was not about to take off her coat. With a little coaxing from the event photographers, she finally relented and showed us her beautiful red colored dress. There was a bit of a draft that caused her dress to ride up a bit but she was able to grab hold of her dress before she had a Marilyn Monroe accident.

From then on, we thought that this event would live up to the expectation of a wedding reception. To no avail, for the next half hour, lesser known talent paraded their way on the red carpet. Finally, we had the lovely Judy Greer make her appearance.

Jennifer Love Hewitt made a surprise appearance with her man. No matter what the tabloids say about her figure, she definitely looked faboo.

After much anticipation, 27 women came waltzing down the carpet dresses in the specially made bridesmaid dresses adorned with the movie credits and became the backdrop of the red carpet. For video that was great but for us event photographers, it created a bit of a blur for our background. Once these lovely ladies staked their spots, Miss Heigl or shall I say Mrs. Kelley along with her new husband waltzed on down the carpet with the smiles of a newlywed couple. Dressed in a silver dress adorned with what looked like crystals, Heigl braved the cold weather and smiled the whole time. As for the 27 bridesmaid dresses she wore for the movie, she mentioned that their was only one she enjoyed wearing. Believe it or not, it was a Gone With The Wind inspired dress. She just loved feeling like a southern belle.

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jens whisperer said...

I don't care what the tabloids say. Big girls are beautiful and so is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

A new 27dresses Fan said...

Just watched the movie. Katherine Heigl is so funny. I loved the part James Marsden and Katherine sang together in the bar.