Friday, January 18, 2008

Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana meld in 3D

If your niece, daughter, sister or anyone for that matter that's into Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and missed her overpriced concert, then you're in luck with "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert in 3D featuring the Jonas Brothers." 

Imagine being at the concert without having to pay concert prices and still feel like you're there or even better. While waiting for the press check-in to open, I was speaking to a colleague from TV Guide. She had seen the special press screening the night before and told me and my niece that it was totally awesome. There is one point in the movie where the drummer flicks his drumsticks in the air and when they fall down onto the drums, there's a camera underneath that captures the shot and makes it seem like the sticks are coming at you.

Walking the red carpet were the usual ABC/Disney children talent from Madison Pettis to Ashley Tisdale. Having my niece with me help gain some smiles and attention from the celebrities. Some even had a quizical (sic) look on their faces as they heard my seven-year old niece Madison shout, "Up Here! Second row!" Oh my gosh! An event photographer in the making.

My niece, Madison, makes her red carpet debut.

Selena Gomez puts a hex on the photographers with her pretty smile.

Madison Pettis is in the house!

Miley Cyrus' tv brother Jason Earles graces us with his comedic presence.

The Jonas Brothers were a bit hard to photograph. Trying to get all three to look at the cameras. They created one of the loudest screams on Hollywood Blvd that night.

Miley Cyrus definitely has her own look on the carpet. She had a lot more eye make-up than usual and darker hair.

Speaking of darker hair. Disney publicist thought it would be cute to have all the photographers wear Hannah Montana wigs. I had to laugh because it looked more like the cast of Spinal Tap meets Hannah Montana.

Ashley Tisdale fixes her hair on the carpet.

Jennifer Tisdale makes her appearance at the premiere on the carpet. A little tidbit about Miss J Tisdale: She used to only want to be known as Jen Kelly and not Tisdale.

Director/choreographer Kenny Ortega demonstrates his moves at the premiere.

"Ugly Beatty" star Vanessa Williams puts a fashion spin on the carpet.

I just had to add this video of Hannah singing the song "Old Blue Jeans." My niece got me into this song when she was playing her Hannah Montana WII game.


b boy said...

you have the best job... so much fun!


Merielle said...

I love Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. Can't wait to see her movies. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Joe Jonas Lover said...

More Jonas Brothers pictures please!!!!!! Will visit your site all the time now.

Hannah Fan said...

Hannah Montana Rules!!***!!!!8888