Thursday, January 31, 2008

All eyes on Jessica Alba

Wearing a navy blue dress, Jessica Alba made her noticeable baby bump fashionably vogue. Her radiating face and lovely figure is doing nicely as her pregnancy moves forward. I predict she's going to have a girl.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren proudly poses for the photogs.

Speaking of predictions, Jessica Alba was out in full force with and without her coat on for a cold night of the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Eye." In the Lionsgate feature, Alba plays Sydney Wells, an accomplished, independent, Los Angeles-based concert violinist. Blind after a childhood accident, Sydney undergoes a double corneal transplant which gives her sight. Her opthamologist Dr. Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola) help her adjust to her new found sight. However, along with her sight includes seeing the afterlife and beyond. From blurry figures to horrific images, Sydney sees more than she could imagine.

For the sight of the photographers, we didn't see any horrific fashion faux paus. Everyone on the carpet looked lovely. Guests who walked the red carpet included Girard Swan from the film "3:10 To Yuma," Bahar Soomekh of "Traffic," and Brazilian actor Dennis DiAngelo. From the movie, we also had co-directors David Moreau and Xavier Palud, Alessandro Nivola, Obba Babatunde, Fernanda Romera and Danny Mora.

The the dark maned beauty Bahar Soomekh shows how sultry she can be.

"3:10 To Yuma" star Girard Swan still has that roughneck cowboy look going on while wearing a suit.

"The Eye" Co-directors David Moreau and Xavier Palud brings back the grunge look with a mix of clean cut fashion.

The dashingly handsome Alessandro Nivola plays Jessica's opthamologist in the movie.

Fernanda Romera of "The Eye" makes a grand entrance with a tinted purple number.

Hard working film producer Paula Wagner shows that she knows how to work the carpet and strike a pose.

Guest Dennis DiAngelo shows his pearly whites to the camera.

For some of the photographers, Danny Mora was telling his lovely guest that these are the paparazzi. This irritated a few event photographers who actually corrected Danny Mora stating, "We're not chasing celebrities on the street. We've been invited and have credentials to take pictures. We're event photographers." But overall, other than that, the premiere went on without a hitch.

I think I better take some ear plugs next time especially if the lead actress is someone like Jessica Alba.

"The Eye" opens on February 1.


Asian horror movie fan said...

They are watching and so will I.

Anonymous said...

i believe this is a remake of an older asian horror film.

LBC Kali Guy said...

Yes, it's based on the Chinese language picture by Jo Jo Yuet-Chun Hui, Oxide Pang and Danny Pang that they filmed in 2003.

There's another upcoming Asian/Islander horror movie remake called "The Echo" starring Jesse Bradford that should be out soon. "The Echo" is based on the Filipino movie called "Sigaw." As interesting and horror filled as "The Eye"