Thursday, March 20, 2008

My George Clooney moment

Hi again. OK. So I was out of town (covering a different junket) and didn't get to cover "Leatherheads." (Your regular blogger here subbed for me.) Naturally, I was a little disappointed not to get a chance to see Mr. Clooney but work is work. Imagine how surprised I was to get on an elevator the day after the junket and see none other than Danny Ocean, oops, I mean George Clooney standing right there. I'd like it say it was just him and me, and he whispered in my ear that he was sick and tired of dating 20-year-old supermodels and he preferred an age-appropriate, real and  normal looking woman, but alas he was too shy. He did, however, comment on the lovely red rose I was holding given to me by my new BFF Russell Brand (a very funny British comedian) moments earlier at an interview (he makes his Hollywood debut in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall.") Yeah, ol George may not have swept me off my feet but at least we shared anh elevator moment for 14 floors. Eat your heart out, ladies!

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