Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alicia Keys has a Fresh Take on TV

One of my fav artist, Alicia Keys, has taken her acting career to the small screen in a new micro-series created by Dove Go Fresh.

In "Fresh Takes," Keys plays Alex, a twenty-something year-old living the life in the big city with her two girlfriends.

According to a press release Alicia states, ""I am so excited to be starring in 'Fresh Takes' because it puts the pressures that I deal with every day in a new light and opens my eyes to the reality that I can be successful in many different ways and have every reason to feel beautiful right now. I hope the series inspires other 20-somethings to get a fresh take on the pressures in their lives and start enjoying the ride."

Along with Keys, Desi Lydi stars as Diana and Jessalyn Wanlim as Lizzie in the series.

"Fresh Takes" will air on MTV for the next five weeks during the airing of "The Hills on MTV," Monday nights at 10pm.

You can check out the preview and first episode at

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