Monday, March 17, 2008

LL Cool J Launches Spring Line of Todd Smith

LL Cool J has conquered the entertainment world from music, television and film. He's now moved to the fashion world with his spring launch of his menswear line "Todd Smith by LL Cool J." He's taking the cutting edge form of young men's active wear and made it to his own. With strong graphics, LL Cool J and his team of designers has got it right without making the line look like a typical rapper's threads.

I had dispatched my good friend Alex Sanchez to take photos for me. I was still nursing a supposed flu that I thought went away. Unfortunately, the event didn't go smoothly for photographers who were invited to cover the event. As my photog Alex mentioned to me, while the other photogs and him were standing waiting to take pictures, an obnoxious Macy's employee told them they had to sit down because it's about the fans and not about the photographers. Thank God that Alex and the other photogs just bit their tongue and dealt with the situation as they took the photos of LL Cool J and his models.

Overall, the event went pretty well except for that one lapse in judgement of the Macy's employee. Did she realize that the photogs are here also for exposure and publicity for LL and so that the fans will see photos of LL in magazines and newspapers.

Oh well. Until next time, "Over the Shoulder!"

Next posting will be photos of the "Stop-Loss" Premiere.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! LL had a clothing line. Didn't know that. I headed to Macy's to check it out and being a clothes horse that I am ended buying a few items for myself. Thanks red carpet guy for getting the word out.