Friday, June 20, 2008

James McAvoy is Wanted at the Los Angeles Film Festival

This year's Los Angeles Film Festival kicked off it's opening night with the World Premiere of "Wanted" starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie. 

Unfortunately, Angelina did not make it to the premiere as she readies herself for the birth of her twin babies. Event photographers anxiously awaited the arrival of the newlywed couple of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carrey. Hmm, was there a misprint in the "Tip Sheet." Half way through the event, photogs began asking if the couple were coming. One publicist gave a quick laugh with out saying yes or no. We already knew what that meant. No Mariah.

Garcelle Beauvais is bring her body back after having a baby.

As for the festival itself, this year's theme is dubbed "The Audience Is King" with quite a few screening that will be free to the public. 

Kristen Hager knows how to work the shoes. Hmm I think the were Jimmy Chu. 

Speaking of Jimmy Chu, I just got home from the red carpet of the Daytime Emmy Awards and most of the stars were wearing Jimmy Chu but that's another post.

An interesting international showcase is "The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela" by director/write Olaf De Fleur Johannesson. Raquela is a Filipina transexual sex worker longing for romance and a better life with trying to keep her humanity intact.

If you're in Los  Angeles, head out the film festival which is being hosted at UCLA's Westwood Village. A great convenience of the festival is that there are shuttles to take you from one screening venue to another. The festival runs from June 19-29. "Wanted" opens on June 27. 

Lori Petty of Tank Girl fame showed up at the premiere of Wanted. She has a film playing in the festival.

Come on Down! You might see me in the photo pen during a premiere.

Not much else happened except that some of the female photogs were commenting on James McAvoy's package. Hello girls, this should be a g-rated premiere and there are kids surrounding the streets of Westwood.

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