Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Liv Tyler prefers blue instead of Green on the Carpet

Last Sunday was a nice warm day with a slight hint of a breeze to have the World Premiere of "The Incredible Hulk" at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, CA. (Right next to Universal Studios for those who are not familiar with the area).

Instead of the typical red carpet, we had a light green carpet to contend with. Many of the attendees wore some sort of green colored outfit. For film star Liv Tyler, she opted for a nice short cut Stella McCartney dress. I didn't realize how tall Ms. Tyler was. I was about 300 feet from the start point of the carpet and I could still see the top of her head above all the other photogs that were around the bend where the carpet began.

Liv Tyler knows how to work it.

She's a tall woman!

We were also treated to a surprise visit of the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. Whoa that man! You definitely don't want to make him mad with those imposing pecs and biceps. As some of you know the original scientist from the tv series was played by Bill Bixby, god rest his soul. However, Brandon Cruz who played Bill Bixby's son on the tv show "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," came out to show his support of "The Incredible Hulk." Along with Brandon was his son, Lincoln Bixby Cruz. Brandon named his son with the Bixby name in honor of Bill.

Brandon Cruz and son Lincoln Bixby Cruz attend the premiere.

"The Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier says, "Did you get your shot?"

William Hurt made a pit stop right in front of me asking what kind of camera I had and what kind of lens. He's so used to seeing black colored body digital slrs and obnoxiously long zoom lenses. For me, I had to switch out from my Canon 30D and zoom lens to my back up Canon Digital Rebel and a shorter 18-55mm lens due to some technical difficulties. So imagine a celebrity used to seeing these big monoliths compared to a gray colored camera body and small lens. Well, ha at least I got him to conversate for a a quick minute.

For Mr. Edward Norton it was a quick snap, snap and goodbye as Edward doesn't like all the red carpet bruhaha. For some odd reason, Mr. Norton was another actor fixated on one photographer, my friend Richard who was on a step stool behind me. For three minutes of trying to get Edward to look at our cameras, he just started at Richard's forever and a day. We joked with Richard saying, "What did you do to Edward? Did you do some voodoo to get him to stare at your camera or did you have a 3 minute bromance?"

Edward Norton stayed on the carpet a bit longer than usual.

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee was also present at the carpet. He was all smiles and happy as usual. We had him give us some sneering looks then I asked him give me a meaner look. He quips back, "You don't want my mean look or you'll regret it."

Stan Lee pointing to us to watch out for our cameras, the Hulk might clobber us.

Tim Roth with his family.

Samantha's Naked neighbor Dante played by Gilles Marini in "Sex and the City: The Movie" was able to take some time to come to the premiere with clothes on.

All and all it was quick premiere to cover. Good thing there was a lot of room for us as other photogs were covering the TV Land Awards happening the same time.

Michael Copon is definitely able to make the rounds of red carpets quicker than any former Power Rangers.

Alex "Militia" Castro of the new "American Gladiators" show takes time off to rest his muscles to watch the film. Castro was part of the rumour mill that before "American Gladiators" he starred in porn films for outlet called Colt Films.

After talking to my feature writer about this version of The Incredible Hulk, she said that it was way better than the disastrous "Hulk" that was also made by Universal Studios. For fans of the original TV series, this movie is definite must see as there are hints of a few homages to the series.

My good friend Janet Nepales, a Filipina entertainment reporter attends the premiere with her husband Ruben Nepales and family. Both are the only Filipinos that are members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Until next time, over the shoulder.

Photos by Peter Gonzaga / Pacific Rim Photo Press

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