Monday, June 30, 2008

Brenda Fraser digs a hole in Westwood

As the Los Angeles Film Festival wind downs its event, the festival hosted a family day at UCLA'S Westwood Village. At the same time Brendan Fraser, Anitia Briem and Josh Hutcherson dug their heels into the red carpet for the 3D World Premiere of "Journey To The Center of The Earth." In this remake of the classic "Journey To The Center of The Earth," Fraser plays a science professor who's untraditional hypotheses have made him the laughing stock of the academic community. However, during an expedition in Iceland, he and his nephew find a major discovery that launches them on an exciting trip deep beneath the Earth's surface, where they travel through different worlds and non-existent creatures that you don't find on the surface of the earth. As the warm sun heated up the carpet, the talent were trying to find good shade to have their photos taken on the carpet. The general public would wonder why not a picture in the sun. There's more light. For an event photographer, direct sunlight ruins the photos as there are various shadows created on the actor's face. This time, the talent didn't mind taking directions from the event photogs as to exactly where to stand. It also kept them in the cool shade. For Brendan Fraser, he had some fun on the carpet as he took a camera from one of the photogs and aimed it back at us. It wasn't just any ordinary camera as it had a large obnoxious lens that you see photog use to shoot from far away distances. Anita Briem was a total hoot as she showed us her sexy side, her funny side and just plain excitement on the carpet. Josh Hutcherson took everything in stride, but when he saw Brendan on the carpet, his journey at the premiere became a reunion. The film opens up on July 11 at a theater near you with other theaters hosting the film in 3D.


Free Running said...

that sounds really interesting "Journey To The Center of The Earth"

LBC Kali Guy said...

It definitely is a worthwhile movie to watch on a big screen.