Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jack Black goes Panda on us

It's been a long while since a movie premiere has closed down Hollywood Blvd. This past Sunday morning (Jun 1, 2008) Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks went Kung fu crazy by closing one full block of the Blvd. Groggy eyed event photographers and video crews showed up to the Grauman's around 8a.m. for an 8:30 am checkin. We were greeted with the street of Hollywood transformed into a magical far away cartoonish Chinese Village. But corporate marketing still had its teeth in that village as there was a mobile McDonald's restaurant serving its tasty heart clogging food. Oh wait I take that back, there were bags of apples and fruit served by McDonald's.

There were breakfast stations set throughout the street. One area also included a dance section in which an instructor showed kids how to do the Kung Fu Panda.

Boo Boo Stewart kicks through the red carpet. He also participated in the Kung Fu Panda dance.

After waiting for an 11/2 hours for the premiere to start, we were treated to the sexy Lucy Liu.

Along with Lucy, we had Dustin Hoffman and his wife stroll down the carpet with a lifesize Panda posing along side the couple.

The ever imposing Michael Clark Duncan showed up in red and black. Crazy colors to wear on a warm Sunday morning. He definitely was sweating.

We also finally got Jack Black on the carpet being the crazy guy that he is. From play fighting with the panda and doing Kung Fu moves.

Kung Fu Panda opens June 6. It's a great movie to watch with the kids and if you're children into the martial arts, they'll definitely love this movie. Expect them to do the "heeyah" and Kung fu moves while exiting the theater.

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