Saturday, April 12, 2008

Patrick Dempsey on the Paparazzi and Red Carpet Photogs

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Patrick Dempsey regarding his new movie "Made of Honor." While we chatted about his role, being a race car driver and Grey's Anatomy. We also delved into the subject of red carpet photography and the difference between the paparazzi.

Here's a quick transcript of what he said:

Peter G: After twenty-four years in the business, have you gotten used to doing the red carpet? I'm one those photographers that yell and scream to turn left or right.

Patrick Dempsey: Yeah. I have no problem with that. I necessarily don't enjoy the paparazzi. I think there's something that's got to be done about that.

Peter G: Definitely.

Patrick Dempsey: Yeah, where there's a legislation where they stay away from you and they stay away from your children. Um. I think that's definitely...I mean just the children. I put myself in that position and they did not. They should be hands off on the children. They should not allow any pictures of children.

Peter G: That's understandable. The red carpet photographers try to set ourselves away from the paparazzi. People don't understand that. They still call us paparazzi even if we don't go chasing celebrities.

Patrick Dempsey: Right. There are a lot of people I've seen on the red carpet that I've seen for twenty years and they are good guys and good women and they let you know who they work for and what they represent and they are ethical. They should not be bunched in with the other people. Anyone with a camera can take a picture and go out and sell them. There's no license. There's no way of controlling that and it's...Hopefully they keep themselves in check. It's almost like being hunted. I didn't really experience it before. It's just that it's gotten worse.

Peter G: Is there steps that you have to do now that you've become more popular?

Patrick Dempsey: It makes it difficult for me to go out with my kids.

Peter G: So you can't just go to the mall or beach?

Patrick Demsey: I just can't go the beach whenever I can.

Peter: I don't see any paparazzi in Long Beach or Huntington Beach.

Patrick Dempsey: Hahahaha..They'll follow you. That's the thing. They'll follow you anywhere.

Peter G: Have you been followed before to a point where you don't want to go out anymore?

Patrick Dempsey: I feel like I don't want to go out because of that. That's why we create an environment in our home to spend time together and the children need more than that. That's difficult. We try to go out and sometimes we'll go to the beach and you look up and someone has a videocamera and they are watching your every move. It's an invasion of privacy. You know, that' just a part of it.

Peter G: What about when you were filming "Made of Honor?" Did you have any paparazzi problems in Scotland.

Patrick Dempsey: Well, we were in a rural area. Most people were just happy for us to be there. Most people that were taking pictures were the local papers and the people who lived there so that was fine. It wasn't that bad.

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) stroll through NYC after enjoying wonderful lunch in "Made of Honor." ©Columbia Pictures.

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