Monday, April 21, 2008

The Papaya Dance on the Red Carpet?

Okay. So as I mentioned earlier, the red carpet film premieres have been slow this week that I've been hooked on this new dance called the Papaya Dance from the Philippines. It's easier than the Macarena so I wanna see you get up and dance.

The song was originally a 1974 disco song from Polish singer Urszula Dudziak. All of sudden a Philippine Game Show host incorporated the song into his show and added simple dance moves.

Maybe it will hit the red carpet.

Here's how to do it from the people at "Good Morning America"

Even the U.S. Ambassador for the Philippines gets into the act:

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, why not dance you brown monkeys! Dance the papaya dance while your economy goes down the drain. Dance the papaya dance while your country is being bypassed by your neighboring countries. Dance while lining up for NFA rice! Why are people from the philippines so lame? Why is it that you were once 2nd only to Japan(with the help of Uncle Sam of couse), but now bypassed by Thailand and Malaysia? Why is it you had the same population as Thailand before, but your population doubled while your economy sank? Is it really your government to blame or your stupidity and lameness as a people?