Friday, April 25, 2008

Jon Peter Lewis' life after American Idol

It definitely has been a slow week for me with red carpet events. I did the Asian Excellence Awards last Wednesday so I'm sorting through those pics to see what I can post for you to view.

As part of Nielsen Entertainment News Wire, I work in the same office as my sister publication Billboard Magazine and Radio & Record. Every so often we have special musical guests perform for us. Yesterday was a real treat as Jon Peter Lewis from "American Idol's" Season Three came by to perform his new single and a few songs from his new album. Along with Jon was his bassist Austin Nicholsen to give us a sampling of what's to come from Mr. Lewis. Lewis was part of the season which produced Jennifer Hudson and also the season which Fantasia won. One audience member quipped about him possibly being an actor. He said that maybe he will be but music is priority so no Oscar for him for the time being.

Jon Peter Lewis strumming his guitar.

I'm happy to say that the performance was memorable with his lead single "Break The Silence." As Jon sang, you could see the genuine appreciation of everyone who came to check him out. I think if he was on the show now, he'd definitely be Top 5.

Check out Austin's big instrument!

Bantering with the girls in the attendance, he even dedicated a song to the ladies.

After two more songs, Jon took some time to answer questions. If I remember correctly, he thinks that the ending will be with the two David's or it could've been Billboard Columnist Fred Bronson who mentioned that while Jon was answering questions.

Austin Nicholsen, Jon Peter Lewis and Billboard Columnist Fred Bronson.

After his strong performance, Mr. Lewis took some time to sign some cd singles for everyone and also posed for photos for me. That boy sure can be crazy with a "Yo! What's up" pose.

Check out his site at The single is now available for purchase on ITUNES.

Jon Peter Lewis takes a breather and catches up on music news with Billboard.

Until Next, time...."Over The Shoulder!"


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog, I love JPL!

LBC Kali Guy said...

JPL is definitely a down to earth guy hoping to break free from his mold of AI and become a great artist that he illustrated when he performed at the Billboard office.