Sunday, February 3, 2008

Highmore watches out for Spiderwick

From "Finding Neverland" to "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory," Freddie Highmore has grown as an actor. Not just physically but also mentally as child actor. In his new film, "The Spiderwick Chronicles," Highmore plays twins Jared and Simon Grace who move into their great uncle Arthur Spiderwick. While living in the home, unexplained disappearances and accidents happen without any explanation in which Jared is blamed for. Trying to figure out what is causing these events, Jared, Simon and their sister Mallory (Sarah Bolger) are about to find the enchanting secrets that the Spiderwick estate holds.

There's no secret that Freddie is growing taller as demonstrated in last Thursday's premiere of film at the Paramount Theater on The Paramount Studio Lot in Hollywood. Mr. Highmore is as tall as his parents. But he can still play the dubious and lovable youthful characters in his movies.

Along for the support of the movie, Hayden Panettiere and brother Jansen made their appearance at the premiere. Looking strikingly beautiful in a red dress, Hayden's eyes had that sparkle that just makes anyone want to get to know her. Other guests included various child actors from Nickelodeon and a few from the Disney Channel.

"The Spiderwick Chronicles" opens at theaters nationwide on February 15.

That Thursday night was a busy night for me, so I sent my good friend Alex Sanchez to capture the excitement of "The Spiderwick Chronicles" Premiere for you to see.

"Disturbia" star Justin Chon braves "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Jansen Panettiere attends premiere with sister Hayden.

Hayden Panettiere does an over the shoulder pose.

Sean Faris shows his kid side by watching "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Nick Nolte and son Brawley illustrate father and son bonding.

Martin Short is definitely not short on support for the film.

Film star Freddie Highmore flashes a smile for the cameras.

David Henri takes a detour from Waverly Place to Paramount lot.

Victoria Justice does the red carpet justice a cute leather jacket.

"The Ring 2 and 3" star David Dorfman feels at home with a cowboy hat.

Brad Rowe doesn't have to worry about treasures at this premiere.


Anonymous said...

Freddie looks older in the premiere pic. When was the movie filmed?

Anonymous said...

Sean Faris was so hot that nite!!