Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tim Kring receives the Visionary Award from Asian Pacific Entertainers

Last night in West Hollywood, CA, "Heroes" creator Tim Kring received the Visionary Award from CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) for his work of ensuring diversity in his entertainment projects.

Here's mini-clip of a montage of interviews of the award recipients from CAPE

Originally only supposed to pose for photographers, Kring was gracious enough to grant me and my colleague a video interview while he walked the red carpet for CAPE's 2008 Holiday Soiree. My colleague Elmer asked Kring what he thought about receiving the Visionary Award from this group. Kring explains, "The idea that this award honors diversity and social change is a big theme on the show (Heroes). The show is about inter-connectivity and about people from all over the world finding one another and coming together in order to do great things. It's not a stretch to accepting an award that is close to what the premise of the show is all about." To illustrate the advancement of Asians in TV and film, next week episode of "Heroes" will be done in the Japanese language.

In film, John Cho has become one of the leading Asian American actors succeeding in Hollywood in lead roles which Asian Pacific Islanders are usually relegated to secondary or character roles. Cho was originally known as the young teen in "American Pie" whose character brought the slang MILF to the American culture. Cho's big break as a lead actor came in the form of "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" and the sequel "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay." John's next major film is the anxiously awaited "Star Trek" in which he plays Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. For his success and growth in Hollywood as an actor of Asian Pacific decent, CAPE awarded him the New Horizon Award.

John Cho with his buddy Leonardo Lam. Lam also presented Cho with an award two weeks ago from KoreAM Magazine.

Other award recipient for the night included James Hong for Lifetime Achievement Award. I was surprised to learn that Hong made close to 500 films in during his career. During the red carpet, Hong was also interviewing various celebrities as they walked the red carpet. Apparently, Hong was conducting these interviews for a documentary that he is working on.

Adele Yoshioka with James Hong.

The lone female of award recipients was Adele Yoshioka for Outstanding Service Award. Originally a dancer, actress and model, Yoshioka segued into international film distribution. Her community service included producing, directing and choreographing shows for the Japanese community and serving as board member for the AAPAA, East West Players and CAPE.

Helping celebrate that achievements of these notable individuals included a who's who of Asian Pacific celebrities from the likes of James Kyson Lee, Collin Chou, Leonardo Nam, Kal Penn, Amy Hill, Sendhil Ramamurthy and Karin Anna Cheung.

James Kyson Lee presented the Visionary Award to Tim Kring.

For Cheung, I think we put her on blast as we asked her to sing one of her original song compositions during our red carpet interview. However, it was not to happen. During the event, we caught up with Cheung as she was enjoying her dinner and mentioned to her, "Next time we see you on the carpet, you owe us a song?" She jokingly said, "If I see you guys on the carpet, I'm going to run the other way."

Maybe, while she runs the other way, Cheung may give us an "Over The Shoulder" pose.

The lovely Karin Anna Cheung has some words for newest Pacific Rim Video correspondent Elmer.

Elmer and I tag team on interesting interview we had with Karin Anna Cheung.

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