Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quest Dance crew sets the tone for friendly competition on ABDC Season 3

Last night was the first taping of the highly successful MTV reality show "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew" Season 3. I was there along with my new guest video hosts Ellen Kim and Kyle Hanagami of The Lost Kids helping out Pacific Rim Video to capture the excitement of Season 3.

During our pre-show interview of the crews inside the garage, the following clip Dominic of Quest Dance Crew shows the love for various dance crews on ABDC Season 3!

From the crew of Puerto Rico to the cloggers of Alabama and the excitingly and interesting dance genre called flexing, it sure looks like this season is definitely about entertainment.

Until next post, "look over your shoulder" for the crews of America's Best Dance Crew Season 3.

The show premieres this coming Thursday on the MTV Network. Check your local listing for airtimes.

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