Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing the 9 dance crews for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3

Introducing the new crews for MTV's "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew - Season 3." After some quick video editing, I finally have some video clips of all the 9 crews competing for America's Best Dance Crew of Season 3.

With some help from my new video hosts Ellen Kim and Kyle Hanagami of dance crew The Lost Kids, I had them working crazy on making sure to get some video interviews of all the Crews from the Show.

As I mentioned before, this season will definitely be about entertainment and not just dance. Get ready for the new Season and new dance crew stars as MTV launches the show this coming Thursday.

Here are the video clips below of each crew with a quick one or two line description of the crew.

The Ringmasters from Brooklyn - Flex dancing is their style. You definitely have to be double jointed. Imagine Cirque De Soleil on the streets or as I coined the name "Cirque de Soul Hey!!!"

The Strikers All Stars from Tallahassee Florida - Steppin is their style! Get ready to hear the stomp, hoot and hollas.

Fly Khicks from Miami - Hot girls with bootylicious moves. Don't count these women out as they will put their hearts along with their bodies on the line to make it to the top.

Beat Freaks of Los Angeles - On the other end of the spectrum, Beat Freaks are an all girl group that can run with the best b-boys in the world. Their b-girl moves may set the tone for Thursday night's premiere edition of ABDC Season 3

Dynamic Edition from Springville, Alabama - A surprise to the season is this cloggin group. Don't count them out because they may take the show to another level.

GOP from San Juan, PR - Boricua, Moreno. These street boys gives the hip hop flavor some Latin Soul. Can their Latin heat take them to the top. You'll have to wait this coming Thursday.

The Box Cuttuhz from San Diego, CA - The music they use will decide their style. Let's see if America decides that their style is number 1.

Quest Dance Crew from Los Angeles - These boys are pretty b-boys. Don't let the hair and pretty boy looks fool you as they make their mark on the ABDC stage.

Team Millennia from Fullerton, CA - Their rage is their power as they cut the stage with their rock edge inspired hip hop choreography. They take their grit to show the rest of the crews that they are here to fight for their banner.

There you have. The crews of Season 3's "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew."

Check out the premiere airing on MTV this coming Thursday, January 15, 2009. Check your tv listings for times and re-run dates!

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