Friday, January 23, 2009

Box Cuttuhz cut from ABDC Season 3

Yesterday, The Box Cuttuhz was the second crew to be eliminated from America's Best Dance Crew. It was the two most "choreo" teams left in the bottom two, Team Millennia and the Box Cuttuhz.

Unfortunately for the Box Cuttuhz, they were cut short with Team Millennia topping on the Box. Internet chats online had the Box Cuttuhz on top. I guess Team Millennia had a stronger support that kept voting for their team.

Well, my video crew of Ellen Kim and Kyle Hanagami were able to get a few last words from both crews after the Box Cuttuhz were eliminated.

Here's Box Cuttuhz farewell to their fans

Lydia Paek sings a song to her fans from the set of America's Best Dance Crew

Lydia Paek of Box Cuttuhz sings her last goodbye on ABDC Season 3 MTV from Pacific Rim Video Press on Vimeo.

Team Millennia reacts to keeping alive on ABDC

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