Friday, October 17, 2008

Wildcat Roam The Red Carpet for "High School Musical 3: Senior Year"

Bringing the cast and crew back together for "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" was the culmination of the High School Musical trilogy. Here's a quick recap of the premiere held at USC's Galen Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Kenny Ortega.

Last night definitely was the night for anyone that's a fan of the "High School Musical" films. Jumping from the small screen to the big screen was a task in itself. Bringing the sights, sounds and music had Kenny Ortega and crew ensuring that this would be the best High School Musical" film yet.

The Wildcats of East High took over two city blocks of Los Angeles causing an exciting traffic jam as fans lined the street bordering University of Southern California. From the marquee of "High School Musical" to gigantic posters plastered throughout the red carpet exuded the excite of the film even if you were not a fan of the films.

The tv show Extra had an extra special photo booth for the celebrities to take a shot of themselves on the Extra stage with's photo booth.

Alongside the photo booth, guests were given pompoms to cheer on the talent while watching the film. The screams in the air while the stars showed up was drowned out as the USC Marching Band took the the carpet with their drums, trumpets and all the musical instruments that enhances the Go! Fight! Win! spirit lifted the spirits of the premiere goers.

As the calvacade of celebrities from the Disney shows such as "Wizards of Waverly Place," made their way down the carpet, we finally saw the cast slowly come through. First off was Alyson Reed who played Ms. Darbus. How young she looked without the glasses and the wig.

Alyson Reed.

Then Kaycee Stroh strolled on the carpet with a lovely beige number that flowed on her nicely. As she was being interviewed by ET, she showed us why she was a part of the "High School Musical" phenomena with her hip-hop shoulder moves.

Kaycee Stroh.

Ryne Sanborn took to the carpet in a dapper suit. Selena Gomez of "Wizards of Waverly Place" was looking cute as ever. Looks like she's going to give Miley Cyrus a run for her money.

Ryne Sanborn.

David Henrie arrived with Lucy Hale of the tv show "Priviledged."

Madison Pettis definitely had her game plan on for the premiere as she waved and smiled for the cameras.

Finally after a long wait, Ashley Tisdale made it to the red carpet with a new hair color. No more blond for this sexy chick as she plans to release a more rocky and edgier album this coming February or April.

Ashley Tisdale.

As she walked the carpet the photographers went crazy trying to get her attention to look at her camera. Thankfully for me, I did a 1:1 interview with her this past Sunday. So when I took my camera away from my face, I waved at Ashley hoping she'd remember my face from the interview. To my surprise she stared into my camera lens for a good 30-45 seconds which is really good when shooting the big name stars of the movie.

Oleysa Rulin was sporting a nice tan and piercing eyes that were hidden behind glasses in the film.

Oleysa Rulin.

Vanessa Hudgens wore a beige dress. As she was being interviewed by ET, Ashley came back from the other end of the carpet to make sure to say surprise and say hi to her. Was a bit cute to see them shriek at each other in excitement.

Vanessa has a cute smile.

Ashley Surprises Vanessa during her interview with ET.

However, Zac Efron's appearance made more girls shriek on the streets surrounding the event as he exited from his limo. Looking all dapper and fresh from a new tan, Zac helped mesmerize the fans into excitement.

Zac freshly groomed.

After the last celebrity left along with the majority of the photographers, Paula Abdul showed long after the press were wrapping up. Not a single photographer took a shot of her. I tried to get her attention by shouting, "Hey, Paula!" Didn't work...It was like a Sunday driver with no cares in the world and not paying attention to her surroundings.

Monique Coleman.

Corbin Bleu

Oh well, that was the red carpet event for "High School Musical 3: Senior Year."

At least I know I made a young girl happy. More importantly my niece Madison as she was able to experience the excitement of a premiere for a movie she loves.

Until next time, "Over The Shoulder!" And don't forget to watch "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" this coming October 24, 2008.

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