Friday, February 6, 2009

Fly Khicks past Ringmasters on ABDC Season 3 Episode 4

Last night, the all girl dance crew, Fly Khicks, booted off the Brooklyn based Ringmasters on MTV's "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew."

After being in the bottom two last week against Team Millennia, The Ringmasters were in the bottom two again with the Miami based Fly Khicks. Apparently, the Brooklyn crew could not flex their muscles enough to go another round on ABDC. Even with the support of Lil Mama, the Ringmasters couldn't get past The Fly Khicks.

Girls of Fly Khicks.

In an upset last week against, Team Millennia with many TM supporters on the audience. The viewing audience and possibly Team Millennia must of banded together to vote for other crews which possibly landed The Ringmasters in the bottom two this week.

The Ringmasters

However, in this week's challenge, "Whack Tracks," the flexing crew received more accolades from the judges than they ever had. The flexers had to take the Macarena and add in their own flavor. As per JC Chasez mentioning that the crew took a song from two sixty year old men and brought their swag to the track.

For Fly Khicks, they took on a C&C Music Factory song and danced their hearts out. I guess that's why they are called Fly Khicks. I wouldn't doubt to see Fly Khicks in the bottom two next week.

Quest is setting their sights on the top of the ABDC peak!

As for the fan favorites of Quest, Beat Freaks and Strikers All Stars, the threesome were able to deliver the power punch that they have become known for. From Quest doing the pendulum made famous by New Kids On the block, to the Beat Freaks taking on the white boy moves, these crew met their challenge.

Beat Freaks getting freaky.

Striker All Stars striking it up!

The entertaining Dynamic Edition was dealt the Achy Breaky Heart. Clogging their was to the America's heart with their hip hop inflected routine, even Shane Sparks loved their moves.

I guess America is not ready for the flexing scene and The Ringmasters ride to the top of America's Best Dance Crew.

Here are few backstage interviews from this week's show.

Beat Freaks

Striker All Stars



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