Friday, July 25, 2008

Swinging a vote with Kevin Costner

Last night, Kevin Costner and friends took try at voting on the red carpet with the world premiere of "Swing Vote" happening at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA. For event photographers, this premiere was definitely a hard one to shoot as we were squeezed into the photo pen like a pack of sardines. It was so bad to a point that we event had a third row of photographers. However, Disney came to the rescue after realizing how tight the squeeze was by opening up a space for a few photographers after the video crew line.

It didn't help much as security had to put the separating metal barrier in place between photographers and video crews. Of course, being from video, this one video crew member "Access Hollywood" had high disregard for photographers as he told the security that the barrier should be at least two feet towards the photographers area, which wasn't true. This fool tells one photographer who is at the end of the line, that it's the yahoos (photographers) in the second row that are making a big deal about the barrier's location. Duh, Mr. video guy, you're the one who took it upon yourself to have the barrier encroach more on the photographers side. Opps, sorry readers, I think I got a bit carried away.

Anyways, being in second row myself, I was only able to get half shots and head shots of celebrities. One event photographer mentioned to me half way through the premiere that we're definitely working harder than usual to get these celebrities to look at our cameras. Even movie star lead, Kevin Costner, was a bit difficult to shoot especially being second row. Mr. Costner didn't have much eye contact.

Kevin Costner with his wife.

Nathan Lane was a bit easier as was George Lopez. Last night we definitely know who George Lopez is supporting for president with the t-shirt he wore to the premiere.

Nathan Lane hanging out on the carpet.

George Lopez sports his Obama shirt.

Closing out the carpet was a surprise appearance by Paula Abdul. What a pleasure it was to shoot her as she was cooperative with photographers especially with eye contact and doing over the Shoulder shots.

Until next time, "Over The Shoulder!"

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