Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cameron Diaz celebrates her father's life by attending the premiere of "What Happens In Vegas"

On Thursday, May 1, 2008, Cameron Diaz made a surprise appearance at her premiere of "What Happens in Vegas." Many photographers and journalists weren't sure what to expect especially since Diaz did not attend the press junket for the movie the week before. Speculations abound as to will she or will she not. I guess you can say, "The show must go on."

According to ET Online's report posted on April 16, 2008, "CAMERON DIAZ's father, EMILIO, has passed away. A rep for New Line Cinema, the studio making Cameron's new film, 'My Sister's Keeper,' tells ET that while the grieving actress was absent from the set today due to her father's death, the production did not shut down. Scenes that didn't involve Cameron carried on with shooting, and no shut down is planned at this time, the New Line rep tells us." Her father died unexpectedly from pneumonia at the age of 58. He was a second generation Cuban-American who worked an oil company and had a bit part in his daughter's movie There's Something About Mary.

Cameron cracks a smile as the show must go on.

Services for Diaz's father was held in Seal Beach, CA. Ensuring that the service was about the celebration of Emilio Diaz, Cameron requested guests to come in colorful clothing and in lieu of flowers, make donations to two ocean environmental protection charities.

Along for support for Diaz was former boyfriends, Justin Timberlake and Jon Mayer.

Aside from the death of her father, Diaz finally did make it to the premiere of "What Happens in Vegas."

It was like a cheer off between Cameron and Ashton as premiere goers who won seats to sit in bleachers from local radio station KIIS-FM, each attendee had a choice to sit on either the Cameron cheering section or the Ashton section. When the pair showed up, the radio announcer had a cheer off. Cameron egging on her section to scream as loud as they can to hit the red marks of a cheer-o-meter then Ashton cheering his section on also. Apparently, there were more hissing girls in Ashton's side that made his meter hit red a few times.

Ashton is ready to get a cheer on.

Not to be out done, Cameron's cheerleading days at Long Beach Poly paid off with her section hitting red quite a bit longer. Unfortunately, the radio announcer gave it to Ashton. His section won the chance to go in and watch the movie premiere. However, Cameron said that everyone should go see the movie. So off they went to the premiere of "What Happens In Vegas."

Eva Longoria gets the crowd excited with her cheerful smiles.

Co-star Rob Corddry hits the carpet with a tie festooned with bombs.

Co-star Lake Bell shimmies it up with a sparkling dress.

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